December Full Movie

After a family vacation, you need a family vacation. The Burger boys, pack up with their parents to celebrate Christmas together as a family. As with all families, it is not long before the little foxes begin to bite and the irritations begin to scratch. Nanette is a sweet mother-in-law, but when she asks her daughter-in-law, Ingrid, about her in vitro treatments, the tension increases. Francois finds a pregnancy test in the bathroom and it causes confusion around the Christmas table. David’s path crosses again with Melissa, his high school love and it seems like old love never rusts … The fun newlyweds Liam and Estelle, a vegan, are very much in love and irritate Francois without limits, while father Hannes had to take care of the Christmas tree save. A family holiday can cause a lot of fun, misunderstandings and lots of chaos – throw all these ingredients together and you get an honest and comic reflection of how an Afrikaans family celebrates Christmas together.



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