Kenneth More Full Movie British Comedy The Admirable Crichton 1957 HD

Kenneth More Full Movie British Comedy Paradise Lagoon 1957 HD If you enjoyed this video: ❀️ The Plot Plot In 1905 William Crichton was the efficient butler in the London household of the Earl of Loam and his family. Crichton knows his place in the highly class-conscious English society. The Earl insists that all men are equal, and to prove this, he recommends his daughters to treat the staff as guests during an awkward afternoon tea. Lady Brocklehurst shows up and strongly disapproves of the arrangement, as does Crichton. When Lady Catherine (Mercy Haystead), one of the Earl’s daughters, is arrested during a suffragette protest, Crichton recommends that the family take a trip on the Earl’s steamship yacht to the South Seas until the scandal dies. When the yacht’s cars explode during a storm, everyone is forced to leave the ship. By the time Crichton rescues the still-sleeping “tweeny” servant Eliza, the lifeboats have already departed. They jump into the water and are picked up by the wrong boat, the one reserved for the upper class. Crichton, Eliza, the Earl, his daughters Mary, Catherine and Agatha (Miranda Connell), the clergyman John Treherne and Ernest Woolley land on a deserted island. The aristocrats seem helpless in their strange new environment. It’s for Crichton to start a fire, provide shelter and find food. When the abandoned yacht appears and drifts into an offshore rock formation, Crichton swims out to save what he can. On his return, the others order him to pick up unnecessary luxuries on his next trip rather than essential supplies. He reluctantly listens, but at dinner he insists that he take control. The Earl rather dismissed him. Eliza casts her lot with Crichton, and the two leave. The Earl and his party soon realize that they can not do without Crichton and capitulate, Mary being the only exception. She is eventually forced to give in as well. After two years, the social order was completely reversed: Crichton, now affectionately known as “the Guv”, is in charge, while his former better ones are his servants. In fact, the aristocrats have endured admirably and are quite content with their fate. Romantically, the situation is in disarray as everyone waits to see if Crichton is going to choose Mary or “Tweeny” (as Eliza is now called), who are both deeply in love with him. All three other men were beaten with Tweeny. Finally, Crichton chooses Mary. However, just as they are exchanging wedding vows, a ship is seen. Mary begs the others not to light a signal fire, reminding them how happy they were on the island, but in the end Crichton does. When a rescue party landed, he put on his donor uniform and resumed his military service, to the great discomfort of the others. The shipwrecked return to London. Woolley writes a book of their experiences, one depicting him as the savior of the group. Lady Brocklehurst, who suspects the work is full of lies, insists on questioning the entire party privately. Crichton tells the truth, but in such a way as to hide everything. After Lady Brocklehurst leaves, Crichton offers his resignation. When the Earl offers financial assistance for his plan to start a business, Crichton shows him a bag of valuable pearls he has acquired on the island. Mary begs him to return with her, but Crichton tells her that they can not fight civilization. Tweeny offers to go with him, and is ecstatic when he accepts it. Playing Kenneth More as Bill Crichton, The Butler / “The Guv” Diane Cilento as Eliza, also known as “Tweeny” Cecil Parker as Henry, Earl of Loam Sally Ann Howes as Lady Mary, Lord Loam’s eldest daughter Martita Hunt as The Countess or Brocklehurst Jack Watling as Rev. John Treherne (worshiper of Lady Catherine) Peter Graves as George, Earl of Brocklehurst Gerald Harper as The Hon. Ernest Woolley (courtship of Lady Agatha) Mercy Haystead as Lady Catherine, a daughter of Lord Loam Miranda Connell as Lady Agatha, a daughter of Lord Loam Miles Malleson as the local Vicar Eddie Byrne as the Captain of Lord Loam’s yacht “Bluebell “Joan Young as Mrs. Perkins, Loam Hall housekeeper Brenda Hogan as Fisher, Lady Mary’s maid Peter Welch as Rolleston, Lord Loam’s maid Toke Townley as Lovegrove, Loam Hall’s head gardener John Le Mesurier (uncredited) as Monsieur Fleury, Loam Hall’s chef Bernard Horsfall as a lifeboat Roland Curram as Thomas, a footman at Loam Hall.



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