This week in movie news: Marvel announces ‘Shang-Chi’ sequel, Tom Holland to play Fred Astaire and more

Want to know what’s new in theaters this week? Watch these exciting releases on the big screen:

“Somehow, one day, somewhere …” Steven Spielberg’s highly acclaimed version of the classical musical west side story is out this weekend. The ‘Somewhere’ is your favorite local movie theater, and there’s a place for you in front of the big screen, watching the song and dancing and star-crossed romance. And the ‘one way or another’ is via tickets pre-purchased on Fandango.

Speaking of the classic, beloved 1950s sitcom I love Lucy is given new light in Aaron Sorkin’s To be the Ricardos, starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as TV icons Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. You can also find it in theaters this weekend, along with Adam McKay’s star-studded disaster movie Do not look up, which uses the story of a comet on its way to Earth to satirize the media, pop culture and today’s political climate.

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Need a quick summary of the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:

The return of Shang-Chi: The number one local box office hit of 2021 officially gets a part two. Deadline reports what Marvel is working on a sequel Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Director Destin Daniel Cretton will return to the helm for the sequel with Simu Liu who is expected to resume his historic title role as the martial arts-focused superhero.

The original Shang-Chi, which is the 25th entry in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise, has earned $ 225 million in North America since its release in early September (and $ 432 million worldwide). The plot follows the main character and his best friend (Awkwafina) as they travel to China to fight his power-corrupt father (Tony Leung) and save the world.

Tom Holland wants to be a dancer: Speaking of the MCU, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will portray Fred Astaire in a biopic for Sony Pictures. As you promote the upcoming Marvel sequel Spider-Man: No Way Home, he told the Associated Press he had just received a screenplay for the movie, but had not yet read it, indicating that the project is still in the early stages.

Astaire was a movie star during Hollywood’s golden era and is still considered the greatest dancer in movie history. His most famous musicals include Keil and Floating Time, both of them for his iconic pairings with Ginger Rogers, as well as Holiday Inn. He later earned his only Oscar nomination for his supporting performance in the 1974 disaster movie The Towering Inferno.

Michelle Williams het Fever: Speaking of biopsies about Oscar-nominated Hollywood musical icons, Michelle Williams was cast as Peggy Lee for a feature film titled Fever. According to Deadline, the movie will be directed by Todd Haynes (Velvet gold mine) and is expected to be produced by Billie Eilish for MGM. Williams has previously appeared in Haynes’ unique Bob Dylan biography I’m not there and its 2017 drama Wonderstruck.

The actress is also no stranger to portraying real-life entertainment characters, as she has starred as Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Verdon in previous biographical projects. Peggy Lee is best known for her rendition of the song “Fever” and for her work as a voice actor and songwriter for Disney’s Lady and the Boomerang. She won her Oscar nod for her supporting role in Pete Kelly’s Blues.

To direct Kari Skogland Cleopatra: On the topic of biopsies about notable women, we have an update on the next movie about one of history’s most famous female leaders. Deadline reports that Kari Skogland will rule the Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to work with DC’s Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, on Paramount’s Cleopatra.

Skogland takes over the reins Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, who stays on board as producer. This will be the first theater function for Skogland since 2008’s Fifty Dead Men Walk. Previous biopsies about Egyptian Queen Cleopatra go back more than a century and include the 1963 epic, also simply titled Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor.

Sonic 2 throws his tails: Our last news item this week brings us back to the world of sequels. Voice actress Colleen O’Shaughnessey shared the news on Twitter that she’s playing her role in Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games for the upcoming movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Although it is not the original voice of the two-star fox, she has been speaking for Tails since 2014.

The upcoming movie, which hits theaters on April 8, 2022, continues the adventures of his titular blue alien, again voiced by Ben Schwartz, and his human friend, Tom (James Marsden), while portraying the villainous Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Jim Carrey) escapes). The video game character Knuckles, with the voice of Idris Elba, will join them. This week also released the sequel’s first full trailer, which you can watch below.

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