Klein Karoo 1 – Full Movie

A young teacher from Oudtshoorn, Cybil Ferreira, will do anything in her power to ensure the success of her project at the small farm school, Kalfieskraal. Cybil dreams of establishing a center at the school that will provide a safe haven for the local children. The problem is that Cybil’s dream is in danger of collapsing before it even gets off the ground. The land on which Kalfieskraal is located is for sale, and none of the potential buyers are interested in her project. Not even her wealthy fiancĂ©, ostrich farmer Meyer Labuschagne, could be bothered about her project or the plight of the children. Then Frans Coetzee comes into the story. A filmmaker with a broken heart, he is with his team in the Little Karoo to make a documentary about social upliftment work in the area – and in the process hopefully forgets about women, love, and all the baggage that goes with it . .



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