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Great Marvel characters who have not yet received an MCU movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe reached heights that no other film universe had before. Kevin Feige’s vision has gathered numerous Marvel heroes for the big screen. Despite the already impressive size of the MCU list, Feige has yet to muster a few great heroes to customize on screen. While the Infinity Saga was epic in scale, It’s easy to forget that some pretty important players from the Marvel universe have not even appeared in their own MCU movie yet.

Despite their stature post-Avengers, characters like Iron Man, Hawkeye and Thor were largely considered B-list characters. They may have been popular with comic book purists, but they were nothing compared to the likes of the X mans or the Fantastic Four. Yet, due to legal issues, the MCU could not produce movies for those characters. Fortunately, Disney was able to acquire the rights to some favorite Marvel characters after buying 21st Century Fox. The MCU is already gone long enough to establish films for legacy characters, but several popular characters have yet to find their meaning within the universe created by Feige. These are some of the main characters yet to be introduced to the MCU.

5 Sentry

Sons of Anarchy Actor Ryan Hurst really wants to play Sentry in the MCU

As the MCU progressed, so did the power level of its heroes. While Avengers like Iron Man and Captain America have done well with their limited power set, they are hardly a match with Sentry. Essentially a Marvel variant of Superman, Sentry is a powerhouse of a character who has yet to receive his own film in the MCU. Sentry shares many similarities with Superman’s power set, but his morality is not quite the same. Along with the mysterious source of his powers known as The Void, a Sentry solo film could be interesting. Actor, Ryan Hurst even has his name thrown in for consideration to take over the role, Sentry would eventually make his way to the big screen.

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4 Nova

Is Marvel working on a secret Nova project?

While James Gunn joined the Nova Corps Guardians of The Galaxy, the character of Nova has yet to appear in his own movie. Neither Richard Ryder nor Sam Alexander have appeared in the MCU yet, but they are done. Given the growing cosmic side of the MCU, it should not take too long before Nova appears on screen.

A solo film should not be too difficult to make for Nova, as a possible storyline may have already been introduced for the character. Avengers: Infinity War incidentally referred to the Nova Corps’ home world, Xandar, which was exterminated by Thanos. This can easily be a starting point for a Nova solo movie. He may be given the task of picking up the pieces of his fallen comrades. Gunn’s version of the Nova Corps apparently did not include any forces from the comics. Maybe Richard Ryder or Sam Alexander could be the first superpowered Nova Corps member? After all, they were tasked with protecting the power stone. That cold is easily the channel for the Nova Corps newfound forces.

3 Ghost Rider


Nicolas Cage brought Ghost Rider to life in Fox’s adaptation of the popular character. The first two, however Ghost Rider films were not well received. An MCU treatment is just what the character needs to re-introduce the character to a wider audience. The loosely related Agents of SHIELD may have shown the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider, but the original character, Johnny Blaze, has not yet received his own movie within the MCU. Earlier episodes in the MCU did not have supernatural characters, but that changed over time with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. Ghost Rider is the perfect character to add to the MCU’s supernatural nook. A Ghost Rider movie could also eventually introduce Mephisto, a character who has apparently been everywhere and nowhere in the Disney Plus Marvel shows.

2 Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Movie in active development at Marvel Studios?

Marvel Studios has adapted The Infinity Gauntlet cartoon without one of its main characters, Silver Surfer. Despite appearing in two Fantastic Four movies for Fox, Silver Surfer never got his own movie. He is an enduring Marvel hero who can offer an even broader view of the cosmic side of the MCU. Now that Disney has full rights to the character, Silver Surver can fly to its own solo film.

Not only that, but Silver Surfer also brings a lot of storyline potential. Its link with the planet-eating Galactus could easily pose the next threat at Avengers level. Silver Surfer’s position as an announcer for Galactus could make him essentially the cosmic version of Nick Fury. He can be the glue that binds the heroes of the whole universe together. His own film is something that Marvel Studios desperately needs now that the Infinity Saga has ended.

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1 X mans

X-Men: The Animated Series Revival is presented at Disney + with original creators

It may be hard to believe, but the Avengers were not always the top team in Marvel comics. That honor went to exclusively the foreign group of mutants, the X-Men. Fox was able to produce several X-Men movies by the time Disney bought the studio along with the film rights for the iconic team of mutants. In spite of some solid movies, Fox never really captured the essence of the catch X mans. They were certainly not given the same treatment as the Avengers. Wolverine, Magneto and Professor X gained respect on film, but it can be argued that the rest of the X-Men were nothing more than glorified extras.

Now that Disney has the entire list of mutants at its disposal, the amount of stories they can tell is unlimited. It is even speculated that Hugh Jackman may repeats his role in Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness. As the rumors turn out to be true, the X-Men’s arrival to the MCU may be near, bringing a new era to Infinity Saga.

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