The greatest Rom-Com actresses of all time

Since the initial invention of film, the romantic comedy genre boasts a starring range of various films. While typical rom-coms fail to generate as much critical and giant box office success as thrillers and action movies today, these timeless, bittersweet stories remain in our hearts and minds, even decades after their initial release. Furthermore, the rom-com genre has successfully introduced the careers of various actresses, many of whom attribute the birth of their illustrious careers to the memorable genre.

When it comes to the rom-coms magic, many feel-good storylines undergo a tremendous amount of buzz as soon as the two central characters cross paths in the direction of an intense romance. Despite the string of criticism that romantic comedies typically receive, their unrealistic yet lively approach gives hopeless romantics something to cheerfully cling to. From the incomparable Julia Roberts in Beautiful woman to Meg Ryan’s memorable performance in Sleepless in Seattle, here are the greatest actresses of the rom-com genre.

10 Cameron Diaz

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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Attractive blonde, Cameron Diaz quickly gained significant star rating for her performance in Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s There’s something about Mary. The film grossed $ 369 million worldwide, effectively launching the career of the then 25-year-old Diaz. Critical praise and well-known box office success led to her roles in The mask and My best friend’s wedding, along with fellow rom-com sensation, Julia Roberts.

9 Kate Hudson

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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As the child of Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson definitely had massive shoes to fill. With the acting royals flowing through her veins, Hudson stole the hearts of many fans along with Luke Wilson in Alex and Emma. Since then, Hudson’s masterful prominence in rom-coms has only increased with her overall success. Her charming performances in films such as How to lose a guy in 10 days and Raise Helen her popularity and success as a rom-com actress further established.

8 Katherine Heigl

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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According to Heigl herself, she acted too much rom-com staples over the course of her valued career. Nevertheless, her contribution to the canon hardly goes unnoticed. After her success on Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl transferred her notable television career in exchange for several rom-com films, including Judd Apatow’s Pregnant. Such a huge success led to her next movie, 27 Rokke, which painted the authentic rom-com image perfectly. Followed by The ugly truth and Assassins, Heigl rightly etches her name in this monumental list.

7 Reese Witherspoon

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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Effortlessly, Reese Witherspoon has beautifully changed the limitations of a genre that was rapidly losing its appeal at the time. The actress achieved instant rom-com success when she played Melanie Smooter in Sweet Home Alabama. By the time the successful star in the Legal Blonde franchise, she has already broken the mold in the realm of romantic comedies. Furthermore, Witherspoon’s commitment to shallow characters sounds like a true statement in the world of pop culture.

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6 Jennifer Lopez

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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During the early days of her film career, Jennifer Lopez hit gold with her outstanding appearances in beloved movies on rom-com, Domestic help in Manhattan and The Wedding Planner. Interestingly, Jennifer Lopez’s glorious success in romantic comedies coincided with great success with her infamous music career, with the actress’ thriving career with an album and movie released in the same week. In a fantastic twist, she was no longer “Jenny from the Block”, in fact she was Jenny with many.

5 Meg Ryan

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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Considered a pioneer of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan merely shows the fascination surrounding the genre. You have mail and Sleepless in Seattle is one of the most favorite movies of their own kind. Furthermore, his self-conscious nature as a rom-com makes it so much more appealing in terms of the fuzzy flow and pairing of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Includes the default of all rom-com flicks in the form of When Harry met Sally, and it’s not hard to understand why audiences fell in love with Ryan’s charm.

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4 Sandra Bullock

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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While her notable roles in rom-com films are surprisingly limited to a small number, her dominant performances remain an unforgettable force in the minds of dedicated fans of the genre. Her masterful performance in Miss Congeniality 1 & 2 continues to absorb the attention and worship of fans everywhere. Her friendly nature led to her involvement with Hope drives, and a precious rom-com staple, The proposal. Effortlessly, Sandra Bullock coupled her brilliant acting prowess with her authentic aptitude for physical comedy that kept audiences thoroughly engaged.

3 Drew Barrymore

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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Drew Barrymore‘s dedication to some of the best films in the rom-com genre may seem endless, but the talented actress actually only starred in four movies related to the category. The stunned actress broke notable ground with her appearance in The Wedding Singer, with Adam Sandler. Several years later, the beloved trio again electrified rom-com fanatics with 50 first appointments. Her recognizable strength further helped to build credibility and popularity Never kissed and Fever Pitch. The sincere appeal to her characters and her quirky nature are exactly the reasons why fans remain captivated.

2 Jennifer Aniston

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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As polarizing as a rom-com figure can be, Jennifer Aniston shines undoubtedly in her heartbreaking, constantly related roles. Along with Ben Stiller, Aniston captivated audiences with boldness with her memorable rendition as Polly Prince in Polly came along. As usual for Aniston, much like her famous run-up Friends, which can undoubtedly be considered a long-running romantic comedy, the film was an immediate genre hit. Aniston’s massive reputation as a rom-com heroine has grown with her roles in The breakup and Just go with it, who just introduced her superstar further.

1 Julia Roberts

the greatest rom-com actresses of all time
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The award-winning actress is in all respects the undisputed queen of romantic comedies. Julia Roberts first graced the silver screen in the rom-com category with her memorable performance as Vivian Ward in Beautiful woman. Together with Richard Gere, the talented actress helped shape the fiber of the romantic comedy genre, both with Beautiful woman and My best friend’s wedding. Combined with her vibrant performances in Notting hill and Mystic Pizza, and her award as the biggest name in the romantic comedy genre rightly places her on top of the rest.

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