Here’s how the new Buzz Lightyear movie will stack up against the original

We have all heard of the Year of light movie now. This ambitious (and so far beautiful!) Feature animation, released on June 17, 2022, moves one of Disney and Pixar’s most iconic characters into a whole new context. We know Buzz Lightyear as an intergalactic hothead, a stupid but stubborn team leader, and most of all, a sensible child toy. Over four feature lengths Toy story movies and Lord-knows-how many Pixar Shorts, Lightyear is well established as an extremely loyal and caring character who will do nothing to ensure his friends stay happy and safe. This is the core of his character, stubborn, brave and always fighting for what is right. These traits will undoubtedly be transferred to Lightyear’s own movie, and perhaps that’s what inspired a young Andy to see a Buzz Lightyear action figure so eagerly on the big screen. Toy story.


According to director Angus MacLane, Year of light is an in-universe movie about the character of Buzz light year “what Andy might have seen”. A straight action science fiction franchise that has probably produced the toy incarnation of Buzz that we already know and love. In this new movie, everything Toy Buzz once believed about himself can be true: he may be a space guard, he can actually record mission logs for Star Command, the security of the universe may even be in his hands. An exciting concept, but not exactly original. In fact, more than 20 years ago, a straight-up action-packed science-fiction Buzz Lightyear movie was released for home video – and it’s an absolute blast.

Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command: A Surprisingly Wonderful stand-alone story


You will not find this movie on Disney + at the time of writing, but it may change in the future. For now, if you can get your hands on a copy, we would highly recommend giving it a watch. The first scene even features the full set of characters in Toy Story, animated in all their 3D glory, who gather around the TV set to watch a video recorder of the new Buzz Lightyear movie. An effective and satisfying meta-way of explaining how it fits into the Toy Story universe – and we did not need to interview a single director!

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After this opening, Buzz Lightyear from Star Command: The Adventure Begins is all action from the beginning. We see the astronaut of the same name and his partner, Warp Darkmatter, in the sticks on an unknown moon. They’re looking for three missing LGMs (Little Green Men (yes, those who say “The Claaaaw”)). The pair have charming and unique chemistry, they conveniently take apart a giant snail monster while chatting back and forth quite naturally. However, things take a dark turn when our duo discovers a hidden base in which Emperor Zurg is capturing and torturing the little green males. This is made even worse by the fact that the entire LGM species feels each other’s pain through ‘the uni-mind’, a centralized neural network that connects every little green male to each other. Zurg bases himself on self-destruction while Buzz and Warp rescue the LGMs, and in a heartbreaking fate, Buzz’s beloved partner is trapped under rubble, and Buzz is forced to leave him behind and stare back in horror as the entire lunar crater caves and explodes. . Pretty brutal.

Buzz Lightyear from Star Command

These details continue to be central to the plot. Zurg is determined to steal and arm the uni-mind, while Buzz swears never to work with a partner again, for fear he will endanger them. Introduced to the vibrant and expansive world of Star Command, we meet the promising young ranger, Mira Nova, an experimental AI AI called ‘XR’, and a clumsy guard with aspirations for space travel and glory. Nova is a highly capable, driven and inventive female counterpart of the older, more stubborn Lightyear, while also serving as a kind of reflection of his ambitious younger self. Meanwhile, Zurg has teamed up with a new lacquer, ‘Agent Z’, whose first task involves burning down LGM towns with a flamethrower while Zurg and his robot army steal the uni-mind, and the LGMs and Star Command in total disorder throw. Only Lightyear and his unlikely accomplices can save Star Command and restore balance in a universe that is quickly overwhelmed with pure, mind-boggling evil. For a live-to-video movie from the year 2000, this movie takes a big hit and is epic in scale.

Little green men, Emperor Zurg, and high-concept science fiction action?

Light Year Questions

The original Buzz Lightyear movie packs a lot, but it also does not worry about explaining every little detail. Star Command is our base of operations, but it is a space station, and it is noteworthy that we never see or even hear the Earth. Although there are some gripping emotional moments, the movie also does not spend much time questioning or developing its characters. Even Buzz Lightyear’s bow is just him learning to work in a team instead of insisting on being alone, which is not bad at all, it’s convincing, but one can paint it emotionally-for call numbers. The movie is more focused on high-octane science fiction action.

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What about next summer Year of light, dan? Disney and Pixar are especially highly regarded in recent years as storytellers who do not pull their emotional fists. A recent teaser trailer gave a melancholy first look Year of light; the music was ethereal and sparse, the tone was very serious, a T-shirt Lightyear looked at his reflection a lot. Should this recharge of its color and joy sacrifice to reach new emotional heights? Will Disney have to abandon the litany of aliens in favor of a more grounded, human story? Or will this new movie’s longer duration and much bigger budget allow it to have both? From the small chunks of footage we have seen so far, it is possible that we will be pardoned with an epic, high-concept, science fiction extravaganza that also explores the motivations and challenges facing the man himself, that core character who cares. stare. for everyone and always wants to do the right thing.

Everything that teases the new trailer – and everything else we hope to see

The Year of light trailer we start from planet side. It is safe to assume that we are on earth, we see air breathing, people grinding around, and a large-scale operation that looks like equal parts military and scientific. It’s hard to say how close or far this movie will play out in the future, though Buzz, which fleets across the surface of the sun, certainly suggests some major advances in space travel.

Very little is revealed about the plot, but we certainly have a feeling that a weighty mission lies ahead. Useful robots are back, take a leaf from the original, as well as look like a new leading lady to play partners with Lightyear! The words ‘Property of Star Command’ are printed on Lightyear’s tea shirt, so they are definitely back as an organization, though no sign of a giant space station so far. We saw flashes of the iconographic green and purple suit, and one particularly ominous shot shows a custom-made Light Year walking to the looming metal doors of a spacecraft, surrounded by robots that bear a striking resemblance to Zurg’s evil army from the 2D era display. .

Light Year Step

So far, so good. Perhaps Zurg will emerge as a fiery and relentless tyrant, and perhaps we will have time to explore how this ruthlessness affects and changes our morally driven hero. One last note: a single shot of the trailer shows a terrain that does not look exactly … Earthly. Buzz and a trusty robot sidekick raise their heads nervously over a moss-covered rock, staring in anticipation at an empty, misty scene.

Who will emerge from their hiding place, or walk in frame from the left? For our money, it might just be a little green man.

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