Here’s possible MCU X-Men storylines for Halle Berry’s storm to explore

Thanks to Disney’s Purchase of All Fox Media Assets earlier this year it was confirmed that the X mans was finally set to make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Details are scarce, of course, about how and when this will happen. The good news, however, is that this is now an opportunity for the MCU to reflect on the 20th Century Fox X-Men universe (which audiences know and love) and really evaluate how they want to (re) introduce the mutants. Former Storm actress Halle bessie it already expressed interest in returning as Storm in the MCU. She said: “I will definitely return to it, it’s a beloved character, I loved playing Storm, and people love Storm. So, I would absolutely, you know, if we could find a version that would make sense, or a storyline that would make sense, I would absolutely do it, for sure. ”


A few years ago, it might have been impossible for Berry (and Berry’s interpretation of Storm) to enter the MCU. However, the current phase 4 has the overarching idea of ​​the multiverse across various projects, from WandaVision to the newly released Spider-Man: No Way Home. In fact, the latest Spider-Man movie has seen the return of beloved actors and characters from previous franchises. The possibilities, in short, are endless now that the multiverse has burst wide open. As such, here are possible storylines for Halle Berry’s Storm to explore in the MCU.

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Storm’s origin story

20th Century Fox

The concept of a hero’s origin story has been repeated and reloaded time and time again, although there are heroes who have not yet received the full origin story treatment (and who need it most). Ororo “Storm” Monroe’s origins are deeply rooted in conflict and culture and have yet to be explored by any of the previous direct adaptations. Storm, born as a tribal princess of Kenya, was later raised in Harlem, New York, and then in Cairo, Egypt. She was considered an orphan after her parents were killed during the Israeli-Arab conflict (which continues throughout the real world). What’s more, she was the first great black woman superhero and comic book storyteller, and is a descendant of a continuing series of African witch priestesses, who were never fully explained by live X-Men legends. With such a rich background, Berry’s possible return could give her the long chance to introduce Storm properly and show respect for her groundbreaking legacy.

Storm versus Cyclops

James Marsden is open for X-Men Return, offers advice for MCU's Cyclops

After being stripped of her powers in Uncanny X-Men 201, Storm tackles Scott “Cyclops” Summers to win the title to be the leader of the X-Men. The comic explores Summers’ fresh fatherhood, which makes the position of “leader” vulnerable to taking. Storm sees herself as a suitable candidate and challenges Cyclops for his once-clad leadership. While Cyclops is known as a skilled strategist, Storm does not hesitate to approach him directly to take him down. The move itself is daring, but it significantly demonstrates how Storm qualified for leadership over the X-Men, especially since Cyclops fails to resist her. After defeating him, Storm is quick to take control of the team, which eventually removes Cyclops from the X-Men.

Throughout the canon of live action X mans film series, Cyclops was considered a leading figure alongside Professor Charles Xavier. There has rarely been a change in leadership in the X-Men film series, and a new bow image of the team can easily add diversity to an already interesting team. Berry’s repetition of the weather witch may allow her to move to the forefront of the X-Men and stand out as a prominent female hero in the MCU.

Worlds Apart / Queen of Wakanda

T'Challa leads Wakanda in Infinity War
Marvel Studios, Disney.

The comic book series X-Men: Worlds Apart follows one of Storm’s most personal stories and crises. After T’Challa (Black Panther) is occupied by the Shadow King, Storm is torn between her life as an X-Man and her ties to the nation of Wakanda through her kingship. She struggles between her loyalties to her people and her team, with unhappiness circulating in the middle. On top of her moral anxiety, she is asked to face the reality of her hunger for power. After her marriage to T’Challa bound her as the queen of Wakanda before their divorce, her identity is divided between worlds based on her relationships.

Wakanda became a nation that became prominent in the MCU, and with Black Panther spin-offs and sequels on the way, Storm can easily find her way to the throne. This will serve as a bridge between franchises, and stand as a crucial step for the incorporation of larger crossover opportunities as the MCU moves forward. It will insist on more diverse, inclusive and multicultural storytelling by Marvel Studios.

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20th Century Fox

A step back has been taken from the focus on how powerful Storm is as a mutant Death puts in a more raw, human look at Storm. The storyline serves more as a character study as Storm is to deal with the loss of her mutation and find the will to keep herself going. Through her unrest, she explores her life as a “human”, and begins to develop a relationship with Forge, a tribal shaman who seeks a way to restore her powers. The relationship between the two is then cut short after Storm discovers that her powers have been taken away by Forge’s invention.

Blood of life is an awkwardly close portrait of Storm who moves in real time through the movements of self-mourning and has to address the reality of losing part of her identity. It is not often that mental health is viewed transparently through the lens of the comic book genre. If Berry is re-appointed as Storm in the MCU, it could pave the way for more dramatic and grounded stories about mental health from a fictional point of view.

Goddess of Thunder

20th Century Fox

The multiverse is now opened means that the possibilities are truly endless for the MCU. Of course, tangled timelines have a cost and allow for the more creative crossing of paths between characters and worlds. On a number of occasions, Storm was deemed worthy to swing Mjolnir and became the goddess of thunder through the comics.

Thor: Love and Thunder prepares to pass the hammer from Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) to Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), according to writer-director Taika Waititi’s confirmation. With the overlap of universes showing no sign of slowing down, the possibility is not denied that Monroe will join side by side, or even stand against the new Thor. Conflicting character narratives do not stop any two of them from carrying the same forces, which means Monroe can embrace her title of Goddess of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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