Andrew Garfield on What it means to be Spider-Man: ‘Coolest Thing Ever’

The critically acclaimed actor Andrew Garfield recalls his time as Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland as Spider-Man

The Spider-Man franchise has one of the biggest fans in the world and leaves Marvel fans always craving more. Of Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield to Tom Holland, the Spider-Man movies made the fandom grow even stronger with each movie. Created by Stan Lee, Spider-Man’s superhuman strength, speed and speed have graced our screens since its creation in 1962. One of the most promising actors of our generation, Andrew Garfield, recalls his time as the superhero and what the franchise means to him in a exclusive interview with the Farooqi Brothers on Cinema Debate.

“I’ve been part of a generation of a character who’s meant something to me since I could talk, it’s just the coolest thing ever,” Garfield said. “It’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than Tom Holland, it’s bigger than Tobey Maguire, it’s bigger than Miles Morales, everyone can project themselves into that suit. That’s all part of our story. ”


Garfield recently starred in the Netflix movie Tap, tap … Boom with Robin de Jesus, Alexandra Shipp and Vanessa Hudgens. He portrayed playwright Jonathan Larson on the premise of creating his most famous work, “Rent.” Garfield received critical acclaim for his performance and was nominated for a Critics Choice Award, a Golden Globe, and also received many Oscar buzzes. Play in hits like The Social Network and Iron saw grip, Garfield has certainly made a name for himself in Hollywood, but his role as Spider-Man will likely remain a favorite fan for years to come. Fans even pleaded with Marvel to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to complete Garfield’s Spider-Man trilogy.

The latest movie in the franchise, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was fantastic at the box office, yard $ 587 million at its opening weekend. The movie, starring Tom Holland, explores the concept of the multiverse and ties the MCU to previous Spider-Man films, with Garfield and Maguire playing their roles from their respective Spider-Man films. In addition, No way home also brought back villains such as Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Alfred Molina’s Otto Octavius, Jamie Foxx is Electro, and more.

Asked about his views on streaming services such as Netflix taking over the film world, Garfield replied: “I have a strange belief in our human need for shared experience and I think we will define it, it’s up to us to do it. to define. I like storytelling… I want people to get stories that are meaningful and whatever it allows is incredible. ”

You can catch Andrew Garfield Spider-Man: No Way Home play in theaters now and watch Tap, tap … Boom on Netflix.

Andrew Garfield thinks Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield thinks Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield is just as excited as the rest of us to see Tom Holland return as ‘the perfect Peter Parker’ when Spider-Man: No Way Home is released.

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