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Here’s every mission: impossible movie, arranged

The Impossible mission franchise has been delivering excitement and action for decades. Brian De Palma directed the first Impossible mission movie in 1996, with Tom Cruise starring Ethan Hunt and Jon Voight playing the film’s antagonist. From there, five sequels were made with even more death-defying tricks and modern espionage equipment that will blow your mind. Tom Cruise, known for doing his own tricks, is constantly shifting the boundaries from jumping out of windows to clinging to a jet as it takes off. With each movie, fans are always eager to see what his next stunt will be.

The Impossible mission franchise is based on the 1960s show of the same name. Like the movies, the series was known to a group of IMF agents who use super cool devices and do everything they can to save the world from evil villains. Since the series was adapted into a franchise, several award-winning filmmakers have directed, including John Woo, JJ Abrams and Brad Bird. We’ve seen characters come and go, but Ethan Hunt is always in the middle of the movies and puts his life on the line to save the world. Hunt is a character of such bravery, he will often go into deadly situations and find out everything as he goes. With Mission: Impossible 7 still in the making, it’s a good time to look at the whole movie series, arranged.

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6 Mission: Impossible II

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Although John Woo’s successor may be the weakest of the franchise, Mission: Impossible II is definitely not a bad movie. The film follows Hunt on a mission to find a deadly biological weapon in the hands of a former IMF agent, Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott), with the help of Ambrose’s ex-lover, Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Thandie Newton). While the film is lacking in many aspects of the story, Woo is known for creating good action, and he delivers very well-choreographed fight scenes. The opening shot of the film is breathtaking as we watch Hunt free-solo on a very high rock peak to accomplish his mission.

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5 Mission: Impossible III

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Although JJ Abrams’s directorial debut received mixed reviews, it is a great addition to the franchise with several great performances. In Mission: Impossible III, we follow Hunt in search of an unknown object simply called “the Rabbit’s Foot”. The main antagonist of the film, Owen Davian, is brilliantly played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who gives us a cold character who lacks all empathy. The movie is constantly filled with explosions and car chases, and the subplot in which Hunt and his fiancĂ©e (Michelle Monaghan) are involved offers a lot of heart.

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4 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was a solid addition to the franchise that brought back beloved characters while we introduced some new ones. In this film, we follow Hunt on flight from the CIA as he desperately tries to investigate the existence of a terrorist group called Syndicate. Rogue Nation‘s villain is Solomon Lane, brilliantly played by the chilling Sean Harris. The film also introduces us to a new member of the team, Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), who becomes an ally and a challenge to Hunt through the film. The movie has exceptional footage from start to finish, including the iconic scene where Hunt clings to an airplane as it takes off.

3 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

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Brad Bird’s addition to the franchise gives us an exceptional action film mixed with humor and drama. The film follows Hunt and his team on a quest to stop a nuclear disaster before it’s too late. Impossible Mission – Ghost Protocol was filled with separable memorable scenes, including Hunt scaling a towering skyscraper in Dubai as he commits a robbery to recover core codes. Simon Pegg, who plays Benji Dunn, gives us comic relief throughout the film, and Jermey Renner as William Brandt, was a great addition to the cast.

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2 Impossible mission

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De Palma’s original film was a well-shot movie with fantastic performances that the Impossible mission series to the big screen. De Palma’s directing is masterful and focuses on the emotional depth of the characters, while delivering satisfying action scenes. Jon Voight takes on the role of IMF agent Jim Phelps, who is ultimately the main antagonist of the film. Hunt’s team, including a helicopter pilot (Jean Reno) and a computer hacker (Ving Rhames), are off the top shelves. There are several memorable scenes, including the anxiety-inducing scene when Hunt has to infiltrate the CIA headquarters without making a sound or touching the ground. Also the climax, including a train and helicopter chase, is memorable.

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1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a roller coaster ride of action that puts its characters first. Dropout brings back Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin and introduces new characters like John Lark (Henry Cavill) and the new CIA director, Erika Sloane (Angela Bassett). The film follows Hunt and his team locating plutonium to prevent a nuclear disaster. The tricks Cruise did in this movie is terrifying, including parachuting from an extremely high altitude and being lifted from the ground by helicopter while holding on to a rope. Lark was a great addition to the franchise, and serves as the film’s form-changing character, as you’re never quite sure whose side he’s on to the end. The climax is memorable as we watch Hunt in an epic helicopter chase as his teammates try to disarm a nuclear bomb. It is safe to say that the franchise has found their best team yet, and fans can not wait for the next Impossible mission movie.

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