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“You everywhere.” – Issa Dee’s latest significant other Nathan sums up Uncertain‘s beloved main character fairly accurately in a recent episode of season 5. HBO’s hit comedy series, created by and starring Issa Rae, follows the friendship, love life, personal lows and highs, and professional efforts of two thirty-something Black women. As they navigate the difficult terrain of living and working in Los Angeles, best friends Issa (Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) face the challenges of being Black women who, against all odds (and stereotypes), venture to move forward and the best version of themselves.

Rae initially gained a following with her successful web series Uncomfortable black girl, so years of fnas from the writer / actor / showrunner had high expectations when Uncertain has been searched HBO in 2016. Of course, Issa being Issa, Uncertain became a big hit in a jiffy, with episodes exploring the complexities of Black millennial life artistically. “A lot of people have asked me over the years how much I identify with the character, and in those first few seasons I felt like Issa was the younger version of me.” says Rae Vogue about her program’s protagonist. “By the time I did the show, I knew who I was, and I was confident in the path I was on, and we’ve created this character that’s not yet. So many of you 30’s are about it. to establish yourself and understand what your purpose is and to find your passion. The short answer is: It just reflects my own journey. ”

Uncertain has effectively intertwined several storylines over the course of his career, but perhaps the most fascinating one remains the ever-evolving love life of his protagonist. Of Uncertain’In the debut season so far, Issa’s pursuit of love and sex has led her to a multitude of attractive men. As the fifth and final season comes to an end, we look back at – and rank – all the supporting players Issa has dated over the years.

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6 Felix


Sometimes appearance does not match personality. That was the case with Felix (played by Broderick Hunter), a guy who fit in with Issa on Tinder at the start of season 2. Despite his good looks, Felix was hypercritical towards everything and everyone — including Issa. Fans of Uncertain‘s hero can agree that Felix did not deserve her.

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5 Eddie


He will smoke you out, look Gossip girl with you and know how to take a hint. However, he can not wait, and sometimes he is not exactly direct. Meet Eddie (played by Leon Thomas III), who had a bumpy start with Issa in the bedroom, but they quickly found their groove. Sleeping with your neighbor can be comfortable – but also complicated. Issa found herself in bed with Eddie after she borrowed an invitation in the name of a phone charger. Things with Eddie did not last too long, which is probably the best. Felix played his part.

4 Calvin


Brrrat!“Imagine going out with someone whose phrase is that machine gun sound effects music artists occasionally include in their songs. We were first introduced to Calvin (Reggie Conquest) in season 4 premiere, and he was not. which most of it was not. Uncertain fans expected. But Issa does not really have a type, it seems. – good sex seems to trump all other qualities. And Calvin was definitely good for it.

Calvin – also known as “TSA Bae” – was also supportive. At one of Issa’s mixers, for example, Calvin puts his skills as a TSA employee to work by providing free security. He even makes sure he raises the party to all the guests.

3 Nate


Along with dreamy eyes and a sexy voice, Nathan (or just “Nate”) is even willing to punch Issa – as we found out in season 5’s recent episode. But Nathan will haunt with a moment’s notice – before even warning those close to him that he suffers from bipolar disorder. It was heartbreaking that his AWOL disposition touched Issa for the first time after their intimate moment on the Coachella giant wheel. Nathan finds himself in the middle of our rankings, and he can thank his character for the mediocre score. Ghosting is probably a sign of emotional immaturity. He apparently had good reason to take a step back – but could at least have let Issa know first.

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2 Lawrence


“With the character of Lawrence, you see that he’s really trying,” says Rae Vox about her up-again, down-again boyfriend in the program. “He’s taking a similar journey as Issa, to regain his confidence. This is one of the storylines I really like on this show: this simultaneous journey that they both undertake to be better.”

Lawrence seems to have the best “glow-up” of all the characters so far. And he and Issa still have good chemistry together. But this is Uncertain we discuss, so it’s no surprise that he comes up with reservations. It works in Lawrence’s favor who has at least four years with Issa under his belt. They like a lot of the same music and movies, including The Last Dragon, and they have similar goals.

However, let’s not forget that Lawrence used to feed Issa for years before. Do you remember when he would not leave their apartment, or put on sweatpants? He also becomes the victim of jealousy and revenge, as illustrated by his revenge sex with Tasha in the season 1 final and she calls Issa a “f *** ing ho” outside a dinner in season 2. On top of that, there is the new added baggage revealed for the first time in the season 4 final: He had a baby with Condola,

It was only after Issa cheated on him with Daniel (Y’lan Noel, discussed below) that Lawrence was able to grow up. He left Issa and their shared apartment (and his iconic Best Buy uniform), finally got a haircut and got a great job working at a technology startup. But he also tends to jump in and act selfish, as evidenced by his confrontation with Nate in the latest episode this season.

1 Daniel


He’s easy on the eyes, and he truly believes in Issa. It is unfortunate that Daniel (Noel) started out as “the other man,” and that he suffers from excessive pride and insecurity. It is also unfortunate that a certain oral-sex fiasco led Issa to dump Daniel, and that she felt the need to call him an “itch she needed to scratch”.

Clearly, Issa’s ex is for the most part visually stimulating — but what pushes Daniel over the edge is the strength of his association with Issa. He really knows her and accepts Issa for exactly who she is. The shady origins of their relationship may have doomed Issa and Daniel’s commitment to the leap. They could not quite get into the swing of things if they were both ready to make it work. For now, while we wait for the events of Uncertain‘s finale, we can hold on to memories of Issa’s epic first kiss with Daniel in his studio.

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