Top 10 Movie Shows of 2021

The 2022 Academy Awards Ceremony will be broadcast on March 27, 2022. The past year has been an epic showcase of talent in all genres. Studios like Netflix compete pretty well against other big studios. Lin-Manuel Miranda Tap, tap … Boom! premiered on Netflix, and the film is gaining momentum and could possibly take home a few Oscars this year. Many of the performances this year were depictions of real people. Gucci House is a major contender this year and has had several amazing performances, including Jared Letto as an unrecognizable portrayal of Paolo Gucci.

There are still films yet to be released that could make the films turn in time for the Oscars. Many feel that it can be Will Smith’s year to win an Oscar, after giving us several memorable performances in his long career. Smith’s portrayal of Richard Williams in King Richard was a tender and endearing performance accompanied by newcomer Saniyya Sidney, who plays Venus Williams. No matter what happens, several of these talented actors get the credit they deserve for these fantastic performances. Let’s dive into the ten best performances of 2021.

10 Jessica Chastain, The Eyes of Tammy Faye

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Michael Showwalter directed The eyes of Tammy Faye, a biographical drama that tells the story of television player Tammy Faye Bakker (Jessica Chastain) and the fortunes of her long career. Chastain embodies Baker emotionally and physically completely. Chastain has proven her abilities over and over, and it is quite possible that the Academy will recognize her transformation into Tammy Faye.Related: Jessica Chastain did not know her Dark Phoenix character’s name until she saw the movie

9 Simon Rex, Red Rocket

Everyone likes a good return. Rex gets big praise for his portrayal of a washed-up porn star in Sean Baker’s Red rocket. Rex, who has experience working in adult films, was born to play this role and he delivers an honest and witty performance. After a long career working in goofy comedies, Simon Rex may finally get the recognition he deserves for his role. The film was produced by A24.

8 Nicole Kidman, Being The Ricardosbeingthericardos

When the trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s To be the Ricardos released, Kidman received a lot of backlash for the portrayal of the iconic Lucille Ball. Fortunately, Kidman has proven all the haters wrong and she delivers a fantastic performance of the comic legend. Nicole Kidman is one of the best actors working, and she once again proved her abilities in Aaron Sorkin’s latest film.

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7 Lady Gaga, House of Gucci


lady Gaga to be heard remained in character throughout the filming of Gucci House. She completely embodies the persona of Patrizia Reggiani and is definitely a forerunner to the Oscar race. It’s never an easy feat for American actors to portray characters of different nationalities. Gaga is a force to be reckoned with and delivers an epic performance. Gaga gives us a clear example of the effectiveness of methodology. It is no easy task, but in the end, her hard work and dedication have certainly paid off.

6 Clifton Collins Jr., Jokkie

Clifton-Collins-Jr. Jokkie Movie
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The Hollywood Reporter Collins’ performance described as “a revelation as a working-class athlete who can still cut a youthful silhouette, even while staring at mortality. In every look, Collins conveys the man’s professional pride and his growing vulnerability. ” Clifton Collins Jr. is an extremely talented character who may be a forerunner in the Oscar race. It’s refreshing to see how this talented actor finally gets the recognition he deserves.

5 Benedict Cumberbatch, The Power of the Dog

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Benedictus Cumberbatch plays a ruthless and cruel farmer in Netflix The power of the dog. Cumberbatch is an incredible talent and it could ultimately be his chance to win an Oscar. Cumberbatch has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in The imitation game, and has given us several memorable performances throughout his career. The critics praise his latest performance, which proves that Cumberbatch is one of the biggest actors working.Related: Benedict Cumberbatch gave himself nicotine poisoning while filming The Power of the Dog

4 Alana Haim, Licorice Pizza

Brody Licorice Pizza Review

Alana Haim illuminates the screen in her acting debut in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film Drop pizza. Haim proves that her artistic talents go far beyond her music career. Haim plays 25-year-old Alana Kane who begins a romantic relationship with 15-year-old Gary Valentine, played by Cooper Hoffman. Anderson’s film is endearing and showcases the tremendous talents of these two young newcomers.

3 Will Smith, King Richard

King Richard
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Will Smith had a long career spanning music, television and movies. The actor has previously been nominated for two Oscars, and this could ultimately be his chance to bring home the Oscar. Smith delivers a moving performance King Richard as the caring father of the two tennis legends. Watching Smith’s performance alongside Richard Williams’ actual footage proves that Smith completely embodied the character.

2 Andrew Garfield, Tap, tap … Boom!


Andrew Garfield plays Jonathan Larson in the film directorial debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Garfield is incessantly energetic from start to finish and gives a full gas performance. At the same time, Garfield demonstrates his singing abilities, proving that he is definitely a musical talent. Tap, tap … Boom! tells the story of Larson’s struggle to make it as a composer in New York. The movie is currently on Netflix and should be seen by everyone.

1 Kristen Stewart, Spencer


Stewart received good reviews for her performance of Princess Diana in Spencer. Stewart completely embodies the persona and voice of Princess Diana and is a frontrunner in the Oscar race. Her sheer emotion and physicality make you believe you’re looking at the real Diana on screen. Kristen Stewart plays from an early age, and through a few ups and downs, she has finally proven her abilities to be one of the great actors of her generation.

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