Best Marisa Tomei Movies, Arranged

Marisa Tomei may have only recently come to international spotlight for her role as Aunt May in Tom Holland’s Spider man, but she had a fruitful career on stage and screen outside of her appearances in Marvel movies. Born in Brooklyn from a theater-loving family, Tomei was immersed in the performing arts from an early age. She had her first acting role in 1986 in CBSs As the world turns when she was twenty-two, she made her Off-Broadway and professional theater debut the same year. Her breakthrough came with the 1992 movie My cousin Vinny, where she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Since then, she has received two more Oscar nominations and appeared in many award-winning movies. Tomei has proven she has a talent for acting in both the mediums of theater and film, and she has made her mark in both Off-Broadway and Broadway. Her most recent Broadway credit is Tennessee Williams’ The Rose Tattoo at the American Airlines Theater in 2019. Her series is diverse, and she has played a variety of roles, making her a versatile actress who has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with her charm. Here are Marisa Tomei’s best movies.

7 Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Spider-Man: No Way Home was one of the biggest releases in 2021, and it did not disappoint fans of the franchise. Tom Holland’s Spiderman is exposed as high school student Peter Parker. When his friends and aunt May (Marisa Tomei) are interviewed because of their relationship with him, he starts to get tired, but the boiling point is when his friends are not admitted to MIT. With the help of Doctor Strange, who will soon have another movie of his own, he tries to reverse the public knowledge of his identity, but of course everything goes south quickly. Tomei was a consistent face in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from home, but she shines positively in No way home.

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6 The paper

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The paper was released in 1994, two years after Tomei appeared in My cousin Vinny. The paper is a classic story about journalism and the publishing industry. Henry Hackett (Michael Keaton) is a dilapidated workaholic editor of a New York tabloid newspaper and runs the risk of sacrificing his entire life for the sake of publication. At the same time, the pressure to get the hottest new story and be financially successful is an ongoing problem for everyone at the newspaper, leading to the movie turning into a dramatic comedy. The paper is a very nineties film that depicts a time in journalism that is long gone, but it does show how Glenn Close’s character fell victim to blatant sexism.

5 Before the devil knows you’re dead

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A crime thriller starring the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Before the devil knows you’re dead was on many critics’ lists because it was one of the best films released in 2007. Hoffman interprets as a financial manager who has embezzled funds from his company, which is why he calls in his brother to help rob their parent’s jewelry store. As everything starts to go wrong, Hoffman’s life still goes in a spiral and becomes a deeper hole. The story unfolds in a non-linear narrative, depicting the fragmented nature of Hoffman’s character’s life, and is reinforced by incredible performances by Tomei and Hoffman.

4 In the bedroom

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In the bedroom takes a small town in Maine, Camden, and focuses on one of the families living in it. The Fowlers apparently have it all: the husband (Tom Wilkinson) is a doctor, their son (Nick Stahl) graduated from college, and the relationship between the parents is going well. But then there is a catch: their son has fallen in love with an older woman who is divorced and has two children (Marisa Tomei). Instead of possibly pursuing graduate school, the boy is now considering staying in town and simply becoming a fisherman to stay closer to the woman he loves. What looks like a quiet love story quickly degenerates into madness and chaos as the heat of summer subsides and the hurricane season approaches. In the bedroom was nominated for five Oscars, and Tomei was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role.

3 The King of Staten Island

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Perhaps there is no better contemporary representation of Staten Island other than its current icon: SNL’s Pete Davidson. Davidson plays Scott, a twenty-four-year-old resident of Staten Island who apparently has no future ahead of him. He is a high school dropout, unemployed, suffering from mental health issues and lost his father at a young age. The King of Staten Island mixes dark comedy with a dramatic adult story and manages to become a story where a young man turns his life around and learns to follow his dreams. It is also a semi-autobiographical film, which is perhaps why Davidson manages to be the anchor that holds this story together – his father died during the 9/11 attacks, and Davidson struggled with mental health issues while growing up on Staten Island.

2 The Wrestler

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Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler is not your regular sports drama. Aronofsky’s trademark style often delves into the surreal and disturbing parts of one’s psyche, and The Wrestler match this account. An aging wrestler who is past his prime (Mickey Rourke) is struggling with the fact that he is no longer a young wrestler at the helm of his success and fame. He finds solace in a stripper (Tomei) who also reflects that her moment of fame, her youth, is over. The Wrestler is a portrait of people trapped in the past and carrying burden and pain everywhere they go. The professional wrestling community had emotional reactions to this movie, which showed how impactful and realistic it was for the community that portrayed it.

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1 My cousin Vinny

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Marisa Tomei’s performance in My cousin Vinny is her best performance in a movie, and it was recognized when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Two New Yorkers driving to UCLA have just been arrested in Alabama for a crime they did not commit. They’re hiring a cousin (Joe Pesci), a new lawyer who’s never done a trial, to represent them. A Brooklyn Italian, armed with his fiery fiancĂ©e (Tomei), essentially tries to imitate it until he makes it to a Southern courtroom. My cousin Vinny is one of the most underrated movies. With its incredible acting, it’s a legal movie which manages to be both captivating and entertaining.

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