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No Way Home Can Become Sony’s Most Profitable Movie Ever

The film could register a net profit of $ 600M + for the studio, as it still dominates the box office with its $ 1B and counts gross worldwide.

No Way Home looks at $ 600M in net profit

Sony seems to be significantly rewarded for its epic trailer service by the iconically fulfilled Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film, which recently became the first film in the pandemic era to earn more than a billion US dollars at the global box office, looks at more than $ 600 million in net profit. If that figure is reached, Spider-Man: No Way Home will become the most lucrative film ever for Sony Pictures Releasing. The Spider-Man trilogy set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has crossed paths with the past Spider man and brought past Spidey villains in the MCU along with the detailed inclusion of the multiverse concept, which expanded the franchise to new branched realities. Prior to the movie’s release, the film had many fan theories that came in along with a number of potential plot points (or leaks), suggesting some anticipated moments that fans have always wondered about. These expectations were the primary reason No way home attracted record-breaking ticket presale, leads to a second best opening of $ 121M.


Now, even before the start of its third week, the film has earned more than $ 1 billion and is about to crown its predecessor, Spider-Man: Far from home, which currently stands as the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie of all time. Also, Far From Home became the first film to gross over $ 1 billion in any Spider-Man franchise in 2019, which exceeded Sony’s previous highest gross Lug val.

According to Deadline is box office accounting for No way home production and marketing, the film, after marketing costs were removed, could eventually reach $ 610M on the web record profits for the studio. By Deadline’s box office editor:

After [the] exhibition’s cut from the box office, global rent will return $ 825M to Sony. The cost of theater release is estimated at $ 200 million for production, and $ 248 million worldwide [print and advertising]… This box office’s gross levels should result in an additional combined global home and TV network fee (minus distribution costs) of $ 405M. Break out it’s $ 135M from a very robust domestic home market, including streaming, PVOD and DVD … $ 80M from foreign home entertainment, $ 25M from American free TV, $ 35M from domestic pay TV, and $ 130M from International TV.

Total revenue house plus global theater rent is equal to $ 1.23 billion. Collect all global P&A, production costs, participations and remnants of $ 620M and we settle for a $ 610M profit.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has already become the biggest film of the year financially, and has changed into the major film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the franchise’s first film to officially cross over with Sony’s Spider-Man universe, it further expanded the opportunities for various characters and story arcs from Marvel Comics to make way for the MCU’s shared continuity. Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s profits are also accounted for by different cost calculations, as the film was part of the renegotiated agreement between Sony and Marvel that two studios clashed in 2019 over character rights after Far from home release.

With the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, both Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige agreed produces a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies, it will see Tom Holland repeat his role as Peter Parker / Spider-Man. Furthermore, the film’s two most acclaimed cameos from Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield further enhanced the character’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sam Raimi responds to Doc Ock's return in Spider-Man: No Way Home: That Was Beautiful
Sam Raimi responds to Doc Ock’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home: That Was Beautiful

The original Spider-Man director was delighted to see the character back on screen in the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

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