Do not look up Director says ‘Editing error’ in movie was intentional

Adam McKay cleared up allegations that a shot in Don’t Look Up accidentally left the crew in sight by revealing that it was intentional.

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Netflix movie Do not look up loaded straight to the top of the platform’s flow chart when it premiered last week. Featuring an all-star, Oscar-winning ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett with Ron Perlman, Timothee Chalamet, Jonah Hill and more, Adam McKay’s Dark Satire about the approaching end of the world is a thought-provoking watch for those who can pull themselves away from social media long enough to sit through its two-hour-plus playing time, and despite some viewers thinking they have an editing error in the movie discovered, it does not appear to be the mistake some have believed.


Do not look up has not exactly hit the mark with critics, but it seems to be the norm with any popular streaming movie, with Netflix’s Red Notice had a similar reception last month. Despite this, audiences picked up millions of hours to watch the very appropriate timed movie and it also earned itself four nominations at the Golden Globes, including a nod to best picture, musical or comedy, which again proves that movies that are for streaming platforms made are just as big as their cinematic counterparts.

Director Adam McKay tweeted a response to the online discussion about a suspected editing error in the film, which saw the film crew briefly appear in the background of one shot, embodied in Covid masks. This shot was posted on TikTok by Ben Kohler (@sightpicture), who captioned the video “oepsy”. He further said that he believes the producers of the movie would think that “they probably will not notice it.” However, McKay quickly cleared up the “mistake” with his posting in which he explained that there was a reason the shot was left in the movie.

“Good eye! We deliberately let that flash of the team in to commemorate the strange filming experience. ” McKay wrote in the mail and responded to the original E! Online article.

There are often points in a movie when you can see something in passing that seems a little strange, but there are also those who seem to be just watching movies to find the moment someone leaves a water bottle in their lap, or a van in the distance during a period drama. This time, the appearance of the crew can be seen by using the pause button during a scene in which Timothee Chalamet’s character’s friends are seen skating in a parking lot, when it becomes clear that the small group are not just extras, but crew members wearing masks as they had to do during filming at the time.

The “strange filming experience” noted by McKay was not just due to the use of protective masks and other restrictive ways in which the actors and team were forced to work with each other. The shooting schedule on Do not look up was delayed due to pandemic shutdowns, and Meryl Streep noted in an interview that the isolation from lockdown made her almost forget how to act. In another bizarre twist of events, Jennifer Lawrence had to have a CGI tooth added in post-production, as she could not visit a dentist when she lost a veneer early in the filming. If you take that into account, it seems like it’s not the weirdest thing about the movie to leave a shot of the team in the movie.

Do not look for trailer Leonardo DiCaprio & amp;  Jennifer Lawrence emphasizes on the apocalypse
Don’t Look Up Trailer featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence on the Apocalypse

Adam McKay’s apocalyptic comedy causes our scientists to hyperventilate as they explain our impending doom to the blazing forces that are in Don’t Look Up.

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