Nicolas Cage felt as if he had left his body while filming Face / Off

We saw Nicolas-hok to tackle all sorts of characters throughout the versatile actor’s legendary career, but John Woo’s Face / off is still among its most memorable. In the action thriller, Cage plays the elusive criminal Castor Troy opposite John Travolta as his arch-enemy, agent Sean Archer. The two eventually exchange faces as part of a covert operation, but the plan goes awry when Castor escapes with Sean’s face and takes control of his life.

With the criminal’s face, Sean (now played by Cage) is left to rot in a high-security prison to do Castor’s time. At this point in the movie, there’s a big prison fight scene that erupts when Cage acts particularly erratic. As Cage now explains in an interview with Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast, he got so caught up in the role of playing a man who is forced to lead someone else’s life that he found himself disconnected from reality for a moment. The actor says that this one moment even penetrated into the final track.


“There was a moment in it where I think I actually left my body, where I just got scared. Am I playing on or is it real? And I can see it when I watch the movie, that one moment, it’s in my eyes. ”

Face / off is directed by John Woo with the screenplay by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary. The premise of two sworn enemies assuming each other’s lives sounds a bit out of place, but Nicolas Cage and John Travolta made it work. The film was a big hit at the box office at the time of its release and remains one of the most popular movies of both main actors. Its critical reception was also very strong with the film now achieving a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2019 it was announced that Paramount Pictures will develop a remake of Face / Off with a brand new cast. This repetition did not work out, but it has since been reported that Adam Wingard (Godzilla teen Kong) signed up to direct a new one Face / off Movie. While the previous attempt was seen as a remake, Wingard made it clear that he intends to be it a direct sequel to the first film. It’s still unclear if Cage or Travolta will be involved, but the apparent plan is to include both in some way.

“It took Adam and I two years to throw Face / off 2, because our pitch was so confusing, that [the studio] just keep saying, ‘We think we like what you’re saying, but can you just explain whose face is on this scene?’ ”co-author Simon Barrett told

He added: “When you do a movie like Face / off 2, you may not actually talk about it. But we had an announcement and I do not even know if the announcement was actually completely intentional, in that it was announced as a Face / off remake and Adam and I actually had to get a voice and say, ‘No, this is not a remake. It’s a direct sequel. ‘ Whether it’s better or worse, we do not really care because we think it’s better, but it’s definitely better than a Face / off remake, because you know about where it would go, right? While continues the story of Castor Troy and Sean Archer and maybe it’s a lot more interesting for me to add some younger characters to the mix. ”

A release date for Face / off 2 is not currently set.

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