The Boys Showrunner says Homelander can defeat Superman

Who would win in a fight between Homelander and Superman? Eric Kripke puts his money on the leader of The Seven.

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One of the more interesting debates of today with fans of The boys is whether Homelander can match Superman. The comparisons are natural, as Homelander serves as a parody of The Man of Steel, which conveys many of the same superpowers. Of course, the biggest difference is that Superman uses his powers for good while Homelander is a complete sociopath who constantly seems to be on the verge of destroying the entire planet.

So, what would happen if these two ever met in a hypothetical battle? Different fans will have their own opinions on who would win this fight. In a new interview with The Illuminerdi, The boys showrunner Eric Kripke has now weighed in with his mistakes. According to Kripke, Homelander has the advantage because he has no moral code to which he adheres, unlike the Man of Steel. The implication is that while Superman may hold back, Homelander would not punch at all and use the dirtiest tactics to make sure he wins.


“I mean it’s definitely Homelander, because Superman has morals and Homelander is like a hardcore sociopath. So, it’s like Homelander has no problem tearing down Superman’s testicles, like zero. And Superman is going to be like hitting above the belt. So, it’s kind of not a competition. ”

Chances are high that there will be many Superman fans who do not agree with this rating. A crossover does not seem likely, so we will probably never really know for sure. What Homelander will have to worry about in the third season of The boys, apparently, the advent of the superhero group known as Payback. The group was basically Vought’s premiere team of superheroes in the years before The Seven was formed with Homelander leading the way. Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy is one of Vought’s very first superheroes and served as the leader of Payback.

“I mean them all [are important]! I mean I think they all get great things to do, “Kripke also told The Illuminerdi about Payback’s arrival.” I mean season 3’s fun, because it’s not just about Soldier Boy, but it’s about the team of which he was a part, called Payback. . And Laurie Holden plays the Crimson Countess and there are a bunch of other heroes that are amazing. So, kind of see who the Seven was before the Seven. And what was life like for Vought? How was it in the history of Vought in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s? Digging into the history of the world, not only the present was a lot of fun. ”

The first two seasons of The boys was very well received by fans and there are lots of excitement on the way to the third season. Serve as a scam of superhero fiction, The boys follows a patching group of vigilantes whose mission is to prevent corrupt superheroes from abusing their abilities. Amazon has not yet announced a release date for season three of The boys. Meanwhile, the first two seasons can be harnessed on Prime Video. The fan art shown above comes to us from Skull101ify on Instagram.

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