Best Michelle Yeoh Movies, Sorted

Michelle Yeoh |, the Malaysian beauty queen who became an actress, did it all. She started her career in 1983 when she was named Miss Malaysia at the age of twenty. After shooting an ad with Jackie Chan, she started appearing in Hong Kong action movies, but in 1997 she found her worldwide break after appearing in the James Bond movie Tomorrow never dies. Her next big movie, the wuxia Squatting tiger, hidden dragon was a huge hit worldwide, paving the way for more wuxia and Chinese films to enter Western markets successfully.

Since then Squatting tiger, hidden dragon, Yeoh has become a famous face in Hollywood. Of Crazy rich Asians on Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, she went on to deliver stellar, solid performances with the occasional nod to her roots in martial arts movies. Yeoh, whose mother tongues are English and Malay, even learned Mandarin to show her devotion and was forbidden to enter Myanmar because of her role as Aung San Suu Kyi in The woman. After thirty years in the industry, Yeoh is still going strong and has many more exciting projects coming in the new Avatar Movie and Everywhere All At Once. Here are her best movies to date.

8 Memoirs of a Geisha

Three women in kimonos are standing around.
Columbia Photos

Memoirs of a Geisha is a movie about a young Japanese girl and unique cultural traditions. However, the majority of its protagonists are not Japanese, despite controversy. Chiyo Sakamoto (Zhang Ziyi) and her sister are sold by her family to a geisha house, where they are trained to become proper geishas and make money. The movie follows her struggle to be a geisha in Japanese society before World War II begins. The movie’s visual style is unique and uses color and scenery to convey more depth. Despite a faint script, the film’s strength lies in its acting.

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7 Reign of Assassins

Woman holds the sword to her side, ready to strike.
Lion Rock Productions

Reign of Assassins marked Yeoh’s return to the wuxia genre in 2010. Yeoh is Drizzle, an assassin who wants to turn her back on the life she lived. When she gets hold of the remains of a mystical Buddhist monk, she puts herself in grave danger of committing a noble deed and returning the remains to their resting place. Romance and martial arts intertwine to create an immersive experience. The storyline is nuanced and complex, giving the characters enough time to become notable as they dance across the screen in well-choreographed battles.

6 Police Story 3: Super Cop

Man with gun yells at woman sitting directly behind him.
Central Asia

Released in 1992, Police Story 3: Super Cop Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh joined forces. Chan was already an established regular in the Police story movies, but Yeoh, a newcomer, stole the show. She portrays the Interpol director of the Chinese police force, and after a drug lord’s activities become too dangerous, she sends Chan to save the day. Yeoh performed all of her stunts in the movie, including a motorcycle stunt. The movie is best known for its series of tricks, which do not disappoint, especially after the characters have moved to the fight scenes in Thailand and Malaysia.

5 Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

Men with swords point to a professionally dressed woman.
Orange Sky Golden Harvest

The Ip man series is legendary in the martial arts movie world, and Yeoh starred in the 2018 edition Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. Cheung Tin-Chi, a former character defeated by Ip Man, left the martial arts world behind after his duel with Ip Man. He opens a grocery store and leads a normal life, but as a series of incidents begin to emerge in his life, he finds that it is not so easy to walk away from everything. This movie is a clear departure from the previous one Ip man movies and focus on the meaning of life.

4 Crazy rich Asians

Woman stands with her arms crossed while guy in suit whispers in her ear.
GlobalSK Global Entertainment

Crazy rich Asians took the world by storm when it came out; it was the first movie since Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club to show a cast where the majority were of Chinese descent. A Chinese-American professor of economics (Constance Wu) travels back to Singapore to meet her boyfriend (Henry Golding)’s family, but it turns out they are much richer when she and his mother (Michelle Yeoh) disapprove of her. The movie grapples with themes of immigration, hardship, and the lavish, extravagant world of the rich. Crazy rich Asians have a overwhelmingly positive reception, which paves the way for more Asian representation in Hollywood.

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3 Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

Husband and wife do martial arts in the forest.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings was one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, and it did not disappoint. With a dazzling cast consisting of Simu Liu, Michelle Yeoh, the legendary Tony Leung and Awkwafina, the acting and directing of the movie was excellent, giving a solid representation of the Asian culture backed by the Marvel name – an achievement previously made with Black Panther. What makes Shang-Chi unique it is: it combines fantasy, martial arts and realism and creates a story that is both recognizable and mythological.

2 Tomorrow never dies

Guy and girl are sitting together on a motorcycle.
ONEON Productions

Michelle Yeoh soared to worldwide acclaim after appearing in Tomorrow never dies, the eighteenth film in the James Bond series. At this point, there were no more of Ian Fleming’s original novels to adapt, so screenwriters took a completely different approach to creating a new story. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent into the field to monitor a terrorist, but as he discovers a conspiracy to start a war between the UK and Russia, he knows he must act. Yeoh interprets as his partner, a Chinese agent from the Ministry of State Security who was sent to investigate what is going on.

1 Squatting tiger, hidden dragon

Woman points the sword at the camera.
Columbia Pictures Film

Squatting tiger, hidden dragon unfolds like a cartoon that mixes Oriental and Western filmmaking. The story, filmed in Mandarin, begins in the 1800s Qing Dynasty when a fighter steals a sword with leather behind it, thus unleashing conflict and a search. Squatting tiger, hidden dragon is a film with many layers. The story is driven by the three main female characters and a desire to break free from gender roles. The film has epic battles and rich footage, make it a treat to watch. The film was nominated for ten Oscars, including Best Picture and Best International Film, and was a hit at the box office.

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