No Time to The Director Explains Alternative Ends to Daniel Craig’s James Bond

Daniel Craig always knew where his time as James Bond was headed, but Cary Joji Fukunaga says No Time to Die’s end was never hardened in stone.


When it was announced that Daniel Craig his James Bond run would end No time to die, the question would always be how the actor’s departure would come out of the long-running franchise. While we now know the answer to this, it seems that there was not always a definite end in place for the super spy and director Cary Joji Fukunaga, which was brought in to replace Danny Boyle who left the movie early in production, opened up about some of the alternate endings that were on the cards for Bond. Pampering for No time to die wait in the rest of this article, so now press your eject button if you do not want to see them.


No time to die promised to end Daniel Craig’s term as Bond in a big way, and considering the happy ending of Ghost it seemed like the only way to do that would be to bring something that had never been seen before to the franchise. As we now know, the way to do that was to become the first movie that actually killed James Bond. With a plot revolving around a blood-borne nanobot virus, the climax of the movie sees Bond sacrifice himself to secure the destruction of the factory that uses the movie’s villain Safin to prepare a bioweapon attack on the world.

While Bond’s eventual fate was sealed with a missile attack on the factory, which he incited with the knowledge that it would mean his own death, Fukunaga said in an interview with Variety that the way the 007 agent would die was not something that was in stone from the beginning and actually had a few other repetitions. He revealed:

“There were some things that Barbara and Michael and Daniel earmarked. This was definitely one of them. How he will reach his end has not yet been decided. It was just the fact that he would, so the question then became how to do it. There were many, many repetitions. He blows himself up in a rocket. A bullet, like an anonymous bullet, I remember that one. But it just seemed like a death of conventional weapons did not seem appropriate. Given how much he could escape from everything else, the fact that it would be just a bullet that always looked like your name from the beginning, as a sort of thematic element, while realistic, for Bond it had to be something even beyond that – like the impossible, impossible situation. ”

It is not unfair to say that the method of Bond’s death must have been something that was impossible for him to survive. After all, even during Craig’s tenure as the character, which in many ways was much more grounded than some of the earlier entries in the franchise, the super spy managed to survive many things that would have ruined him ten times in law. . world. By blowing Bond into kingdom, it appears that the certainty of his death was beyond any doubt.

At least until the words “James Bond will return”Appears at the end of the credits and you know it means that when we see Bond next time it will not only be a new actor, but a whole new iteration of him even more than when actors previously transferred the mantle. Whether that means a complete annihilation of home, with new actors also brought in for supporting roles like Q, M and Moneypenny, perhaps with a much younger Bond, we can only wait to find out if the hunt for the next James Bond starting this year.

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