Jumanji 4-maker teases ‘Really big vision’ for the sequel

As the long-standing manufacturing partner of Dwayne Johnson, Hiram Garcia appears to be one of the busiest producers in the business when it comes to discussing the big plans ahead for his future collaboration with The Rock. With Black Adam come this year, Red Notice which made headlines in 2021, and the Christmas movie Red One on the way to production, you will be forgiven if you think it will be enough to keep the team going for now, but it turns out that along with a Jungle Cruise prosecute, a fourth installment of the Jumanji franchise is also very much on the cards – and it’s going to be big.

While using Botser on a number of topics, Garcia mentioned what to expect when Jumanji 4 come down the river, but also revealed that none of the emerging sequels were a given, mainly because Johnson is picky about which franchises he is actively pursuing, as he otherwise says he “will literally never work.” In the interview, Garcia teased:


“It’s going to happen. It’s definitely going to happen. We have a very big vision for that third Jumanji Movie. We just booked the pitch the other day. We’ll be bringing it to Sony soon. But that movie is going to happen. It’s going to happen after that Red One, but that timing actually works out well with all the actors scheduled anyway. As you can imagine, Kevin [Hart] is very busy doing a million things, just like DJ is. All the actors are very busy. So the timing is going to work out well, but we have a very good pitch for the movie that we are going to bring to the studio, and will probably get a script written soon. Somewhere after that Red One, Jumanjiwill be on deck as soon as it’s ready to go, and we have a very big vision for that movie. ”

Garcia continued, “We love it, and we love it. Jumanji family. That cast, the group of filmmakers, it’s one of our favorite experiences, likes that whole team, Matt Tolmach, Jake Kasdan. But then when you have Jack [Black] and Karen [Gillan] and Kevin, again, another one of those special movies where you only have a bunch of giant megaster actors, and it’s just the best. Those sets are one of the nicest sets you can ever be on. Everyone is so kind, so delicious. They all get along so well. It’s such a family that making those movies is just a real joy. Whenever we can, we like to come back for it, so it’s always a priority for us. It’s a big one for us that we definitely want to come back and tell that third movie. ”

While there was much doubt about Jumanji is reloading, the arrival of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle proved that there is life in the franchise without Robin Williams, and although the original still stands on its own merits, Johnson’s action-packed, fun rendition of the movie proved to be a real crowd pleaser and it’s not surprising that we are now eagerly awaiting another match.

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