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Mortal Kombat was last year’s most streamed new movie on HBO Max

Of every Warner Bros. release released in a 2021 day-and-date release, the new Mortal Kombat dominated the competition.

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The new Mortal Kombat achieved a flawless victory over HBO Max. Released last year both in theaters and on the streaming service, Mortal Kombat was part of WarnerMedia’s overall plan to give each of their major movie releases a day-and-date release in 2021. Business Insider, the viewer numbers for the year are all put together in one list, and Mortal Kombat is named the title to be streamed the most for its opening weekend with 3.8 million households streaming the film.

These viewer numbers come from SambaTV and it is responsible for households watching at least five minutes of the film in its first four days of release. The runner-up of Mortal Kombat was the expected crossover movie Godzilla teen Kong with 3.6 million viewers. The recent release of the new sequel The Matrix Resurrections has pulled in much lower numbers with 2.8 million households watching over the same period, though it should be noted that more moviegoers dared to watch movies on the big screen as 2021 progressed.


It is still unclear whether there will be a follow-up Mortal Kombat as a sequel has not been officially announced. The door is open for the story to continue as Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim said he was contracted to play the role in several movies, would move the franchise. Director Simon McQuoid also said he is open to jumping back into the director’s chair for Mortal Kombat 2 but that the decision is not up to him, indicating that it is up to the fans to make it happen.

“Follow-up stories are a bit difficult because you can not completely ignore them, because it would not be a smart move, but none of us used the ‘s-word’. We will never go into any depth about it. do not speak because we feel we have to put all our energy into this film, “McQuoid said about Mortal Kombat 2. That said, if the fans want another one, it is not for us to decide; it’s up to the fans to decide. “Then we need some accessories that we know can lead us somewhere, because there is a treasure trove of things that just sit there.”

The first film feels like it serves to set something bigger, so it would be a shame for the story not to continue. If the sequel never happens, fans will also have to go without seeing the popular character Johnny Cage penetrate to the tournament. Cage did not appear in the first film, although his launch was spotted in a possible sequel. No one has yet been cast in that role without the sequel officially happening, but there was a lot of fans’ interest in seeing WWE’s The Miz take on the role.

Mortal Kombat is directed by Simon McQuoid and written by the team of Greg Russo and Dave Callaham. If you want to watch the movie, it’s currently streaming HBO Max. Time will tell if the sequel ever happens, but the more the original movie is streamed, the greater the chances for a sequel movie.

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