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1986 Classic The Hitcher finally gets 4K release this year

After celebrating its 35th anniversary last year, fans of The Hitcher finally had something to celebrate with news of a 4K release coming this year.


The classic 1986 The Hitcher celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, and fans are finally getting a brand new 4k and Blu-ray release to celebrate. Second Sight Films, which has recently released other classic movies in the 21st century, such as George A. Romero’s Dawn of Death, announced last year that The Hitcher would join their list of upcoming Blu-ray releases. The film’s author Eric Red also teased the upcoming upgrade, but at the time it was revealed that due to circumstances – which essentially amount to the inability to obtain the original negative of the movie – a 4K recovery would not be possible be not. It seems to have changed, and fans will get the full upgrade that the film deserves.


Second Sight updated their announcement to reveal that they have managed to detect the original camera negative of the movie and continue with a 4K version. The announcement via the Second Sight Twitter Account: “Happy new year everyone! And to kick off a lot of exciting news from 2022 THE HITCHER! We detected the negative !! 😁 Thanks to Warner’s archive team giving us access, we’ll make a full recovery for 4K / Blu-ray release later this year. ”

The UK-based company usually releases their Blu-ray products linked to European regional coding, but their 4K versions were previously all Region Free, which would be good news for US fans of the thriller. There’s no word on when exactly the release will take place, but knowing that it’s coming this year is probably good enough for most people, and we’ll now wait to discover what additional extras will accompany the new release of the film .

The Hitcher was a movie that did not exactly set theaters on fire when it arrived in February 1986, and failed to recoup all of its $ 7.9 million budget during its film run. However, as with so many amazing movies, opinions and interest in the film slowly grew over the years until it became a full-fledged cult classic. The Hitcher center on a young motorist played by C. Thomas Howell, crept across the highways of Texas by a murderous rider in the guise of the fantastic Rutger Hauer. The film is a tense cat-and-mouse thriller, culminating in one of those brutal finale that has you on the edge of your seat until the last second. It is not aimed at delivering a happy ending, but one that fits the story it tells.

The film produced a late sequel in 2003, which saw the return of C. Thomas Howell, as well as a remake in 2007, with Sean Bean giving it a fair chance at the Hauer role, but if you first saw Hauer play the crazy killer John Ryder in the original movie, you do not need a remake or indeed a straight-to-DVD sequel. Needless to say, none of the modern interpretations could match the 1986 film, and if anything, everyone just remembered what a great movie it was. The Hitcher wash. Now we can all look forward to reliving the trauma in glorious 4K.

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