Platoon Cast describes intense and grueling training camp for iconic Vietnam War film

Last month, the popular American war movie Peloton finally reached its 35th year of existence. As one of the greatest Vietnam War films ever made (along with Full metal jacket, Apocalypse Now, en We were soldiers), the film was initially released on December 19, 1986. Just recently, Peloton starring Charlie Sheen and John C. McGinley The guardian in celebration of the film’s anniversary. Both stars opened up about the bloody and brutal training camp that the entire cast experienced during the making of the film. You can watch the official trailer for the 1986 film below.

Actor Charlie Sheen described his experience as being “dumped in the jungle” and having to take a grueling training course developed by director Oliver Stone. “You had to be treated according to your rank Willem [Dafoe] and Tom Berenger, who plays two sergeants, was in command and I was an FNG – a ‘f ** king new guy’. It really felt like I was expected to scrub latrines, which I actually did in the movie, “Sheen said.” I thought we would go out during the day and then return to the hotel in the evening, but by sunset on the first day there was no bus pulling up. I looked at Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker and said, ‘I think we just stay here.’


According to Charlie Sheen and John C. McGinley, everything got much worse from there. “At one stage we got a coconut bush and Forest [Whitaker] got a coconut somehow, “Sheen continues.” I can still see him now, aligning it with his machete. Before I could say, “Your thumb is too close!” he swings and strikes his thumb dead center. He pushed it into his mouth and two thick streams of blood spilled on either side. “

John C. McGinley then went into his own recollections of the cruel training camp. “Willem [Dafoe] drinking water from a river when there was a decomposing ox downstream and he got medevaced, Tom dropped a knife into his fucking foot – it just all became terribly real. And there were snakes. […] After that camp, it just took a small imaginary leap to believe what we were saying. When my character said, “I have to get the fuck out of here,” I meant it.

Probably the worst experience yet was when John C. McGinley almost fell out of a helicopter. The actor further says: “It was about 1,000 feet up. It was supposed to land, and we would run out and past the camera. Something went wrong on the ground, so they wanted to go to another area. Three weeks , we are drilled that the one thing you never let go of is your weapon – so when the helicopter turned I started falling out because I was holding it in. Francesco Quinn, who played Rhah, grabbed my backpack and pulled me in. If “he did not do that, I would have fallen out. I became quite fair with Oliver after that.”


Peloton is a 1986 American war film written and directed by Oliver Stone, starring Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Keith David, Kevin Dillon, John C. McGinley, Forest Whitaker and Johnny Depp. This is the first film of a trilogy of Vietnam War films directed by Oliver Stone, followed by Born on the fourth of July (1989) and Heaven & Earth (1993). The film, based on Oliver Stone’s experience of the war, follows an American Army volunteer (Charlie Sheen) who serves in Vietnam while his platoon sergeant and his team leader (Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe) argue about morality in the platoon and the performance of the war. Stone wrote the screenplay based on his experiences as an American infantryman in Vietnam, to also counter the vision of the war depicted in John Wayne’s. The green berets.

With the release of the film, Peloton received critical acclaim for Oliver Stone’s directing and screenplay, the cinematography, combat sequences’ realism, and the performances of Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger. The film was a box office success with its release and earned a total of $ 138.5 million domestically against its $ 6 million budget. The film was nominated for eight Oscars at the 59th Academy Awards, and won four, including Best Picture, Best Picture Director for Stone, Best Sound and Best Film Editing. Now immediately, Peloton is currently available to stream on either Amazon Prime Video or Hulu Plus.

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This is an amazing movie that will be timeless forever.

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