Halle Bailey is grateful to ‘Reinvent’ Ariel in The Little Mermaid Remake

a live-action remake of The little mermaid is on its way from Disney which will launch a new incarnation of Ariel. Played by Halle Bailey, the Chloe x Halle singer admits she was shocked when she first heard she wanted to read for the role of Ariel, as she expected Disney to go with a more traditional portrayal of the character. Opening up about her casting on the Talk to Mama Tina point to Facebook, Bailey explained why she felt so surprised about the offer.

“Getting that role felt very surreal,” Bailey said. “It was a lot of a shock for me. Even when I was asked to audition, I watched it and I was like, ‘Me? For Ariel? ‘ … My image of Ariel I had is the red hair, the pale skin and the tail, and she was amazing to me. I loved her, as we all did. But that’s what I’ve seen her for so long. ”


Bailey felt the pressure as she prepared to audition for this role, remembering that she even “sobbed” at one point as she went through her lines with her father. The Black-like star added: “To go into the filming process, I had to learn and tell myself that you can do it and it’s okay, and that my sister is here, and she was. It was just a beautiful experience for me to kind of spread my wings that way. “

“But [I’m] so grateful that I can find Ariel and show other young, beautiful Black and brown children that hey, you can be too, ”she continued. “You are magical and mythical and all the wonderful things in between too.”

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Halle Bailey as Ariel Revealed, Disney's The Little Mermaid Wraps Filming

Those who worked with Bailey on the film were very impressed with the new Ariel’s singing abilities. These include Javier Bardem, who plays this movie’s incarnation of King Triton. “Bardem felt he could never compete with Bailey,” he told ET.[When you’re] near Halle it’s impossible to sing … She was warming up her voice near me, and I was like ‘What was that?’ She says, “Oh, I was just warming up … It would take me five years to do that!”

Daveed Diggs, who provided the voice of Sebastian the crab, said of the project: “I really enjoyed doing it. I had to do an ADR session recently, which is the first time I saw anything of anything in it, which was pretty wild. It’s strange, and wild, and beautiful. I’m very excited, and Halle [Bailey] is a force. I’m just happy to play the crab that can sit next to her. ”

The little mermaid is scheduled to be released in theaters in May 2023. Along with Bailey, Bardem and Diggs, the film stars Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, Jude Akuwudike as Grimsby, Jacob Tremblay as Flounder, and Awkwafina as Scuttle. Rob Marshall directed with a screenplay by Jane Goldman and David Magee.

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