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Official Godzilla Twitter Account Posts Mysterious Countdown

The official Godzilla Twitter account has just posted a countdown photo, possibly tantalizing at an upcoming announcement.


It’s almost a year since we last saw the King of Monsters see the battle against the former ruler of Skull Island in the long-awaited film. Godzilla teen Kong. Fortunately, just moments ago, the official Godzilla Twitter account is now teasing about something that might be announced soon. Earlier today, the official Twitter account for the popular kaiju posted a photo of a countdown clock. You can check out the image from Godzilla’s official Twitter account below.

Apart from the photo recently posted above, there are currently no other details. However, you can see that the clock itself is actually set at 9 o’clock or even 0900 in military time and that the numbers shown go from 1 to 24. Other fans even speculate that the time of 9:24 is actually a date, possibly indicating 24/9/2024. While nothing else has been confirmed yet, kaiju fans are keeping a close eye on what lies ahead for the lizard king’s future.



Since the release of Godzilla teen Kong last year there was no confirmation of any future films with both Legendary Pictures and Toho Studios. After the success of the epic cross between Godzilla and King Kong, rumors immediately circulated that a new film for Legendary Pictures’s MonsterVerse was already in development. One of these rumors even claimed that the Godzilla teen Kong director Adam Wingard has returned to launch a new project with a rumored title “Son of Kong”. Another rumor has also been speculated that the next film for the MonsterVerse will introduce a whole new generation of giant monsters.

Many fans are also wondering if this recent Twitter post from the official Godzilla account refers to a new project for the Eastern or Western version of Godzilla. Over the past few decades, Godzilla has appeared in many different mediums, such as video games, books, merchandise, and comics. It is possible that a recent photo of the countdown clock may indicate something unrelated to a future Godzilla movie. The only recent news in which the king of monsters was involved was the announcement of an official cartoon cross between Godzilla himself and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Legendary pictures’ MonsterVerse first launched in 2014 with the release of Godzilla, who then established the idea that Titans are so massive that they are effectively walking through natural disasters. The film shows Godzilla protecting humanity for the first time by fighting the more malicious massive unidentified earth organisms (MUTO) before retreating into the sea for the next five years. In 2017, Warner Bros. Kong: Skull Island, a 1973 feature film that King Kong first aired on MonsterVerse, which led to the battle with Godzilla in last year’s Godzilla teen Kong. In 2019, Godzilla returned for a follow-up to fight the deadly Ghidorah and Rodan Godzilla: King of Monsters. What are your thoughts on this mysterious photo, and what do you think could tease it for the future of Godzilla?

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