Keanu Reeves treats his inner circle with a breakaway to The Matrix: Resurrections’ San Francisco premiere

Keanu reeves is not new to generosity. His down-to-earth nature of being has always been the talk of the town; his interview answers are always spot on and highly epiphany; and he is always in front of charity donations. And he also does not seem to be ashamed to shower his loved ones with unexpected gifts of appreciation and gratitude.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Keanu Reeves has decided to celebrate his return to his famous role as Neo in Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix: Resurrections, with all the people from his inner circle included in his planned set of festivities. Reeves left no one out and invited all his team members and representatives, including his agents, executives and publicists, as well as his key insiders from the industry to the world premiere of The Matrix: Resurrections in San Francisco.


To ensure that all his friends are comforted and have the best experience, Reeves turned the trip into a fully paid holiday, with hotel accommodation and a post-premiere brunch specially arranged for the guests. He even took them all by private jet to make sure his friends had the best time.

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Reeves is not the one talking about his acts of gratitude. It was actually Chad Stahelski, Reeves’ friend and director of John Wick films that confirmed Reeves’ grand gesture. Stahelski, as he walked the red carpet of the premiere, said:

He flew a bunch of us here. He is incredibly generous. Tonight there will be so many people in the audience who helped him, from his martial arts coaches to jiu-jitsu coaches to hair and makeup to his stunt team. He makes sure his friends and family are here. He is epic. ”

Stahelski is one of Reeves’ closest friends, who was first the latter’s coach and stunt double for the 1999 hit The Matrix, and eventually served as its director on the John Wick franchise. Reeves, who remained true to his manners, never spoke of the gift he had given to his friends, which again proved his modesty. The only thing he said in response,

“Yes, it’s great to be able to share our experiences and lives together.”

Reeves earlier gifted Rolex submarines to the stunt team who assisted him John Wick 4. Reeves also donated seventy percent of the fee he charged for The Matrix: Resurrections to charity. Even during the making and post-production of The Matrix: Reloading and The Matrix: Revolutions, Reeves took a pay cut for the crew to generate further funds to complete visual and special effects work on the sequel.

Keanu Reeves always finds a way to tell his friends how grateful he is of them to help him practice and prepare for the difficult roles he has played in his career, especially in the action genre. His ways of showing his colleagues and his friends, such kindness never stays hidden, even though he does not talk about it, as both the people close to him as well as his fans around the world also regard him highly.

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