The Riddler Terrifies in New Image of The Batman Villain

Robert Pattinson plays a newcomer to Dark Knight The Batman with Paul Dano’s Riddler still serving as his greatest threat. In the film, which comes from director Matt Reeves and takes place in an independent universe, Batman and the rest of Gotham are terrorized by a masked serial killer. Known only as the Riddler, the mysterious man deliberately leaves behind clues and mysteries behind the scenes of his murders to further torment Batman, a superhero who is supposed to be the “world’s greatest detective”. Can he track down the Riddler before it’s too late?

This is a much darker incarnation of the Riddler than we typically see in DC fiction. Apparently inspired by the real Zodiac Killer, the Riddler still wears his green colors, but of a much darker shade than his typical bright green. His question mark symbol is also reminiscent of the Zodiac, a notorious serial killer whose identity has never been. official revealed. Dano spoke out about the dark interpretation of the supervillain.


“I liked how grounded and great this film is at the same time,” Dano said. Rich. “So there’s some ground forces like the Zodiac Killer, right? But it’s still The Batman, and to me it’s much bigger, so it’s important to get my imagination to respond to the script, rather than strictly on it. to base a serial killer. ”

He added, “The costume was very intense. I think the potential DIY element you were talking about was actually more frightening to me than the more sophisticated or composite designs we might have played with. I found working with the costume as “very powerful. When you wear something like that, there’s a way to make it talk to you, and to tell your body something. There’s a way to make it have a life of its own.”

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The Riddler is not the only threat that Batman will have to worry about in the new film, although he will serve as the primary villain. We also know that the movie will feature Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot, or the Penguin, although his screen time is much more limited. However, there are plans to further expand that character in his own Penguin spinoff series for HBO Max. New images of Farrell in character was also recently unveiled.

Zoe Kravitz will play a new incarnation of Selina Kyle, who, as DC fans will know, goes to Catwoman to carry out robberies. Whether she’s considered a villain can be interpreted as it looks like Batman will even have trouble figuring it out in the new movie based on the latest teasers. John Turturro, meanwhile, will star as Carmine Falcone, another notorious villain from Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

Robert Pattinson leads the cast as Bruce Wayne. Other cast include Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson. The Batman will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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