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James Gunn does not want to be the DCEU’s Kevin Feige

James Gunn has made a huge impact on the world of Marvel and DC, but he does not want to take on a bigger creative role in the process.

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It is not denied James Gunn has both Disney and Warner Bros. let out of his hand when it comes to their respective comic book outings based on the work of Marvel and DC. So it’s no surprise that some fans have suggested that Gunn play a “Kevin Feige” role alongside Warner Bros. must play to oversee the future output of the DCEU. With the director currently filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 and awaiting the premiere of The Suicide Squad spin-off Vredemaker next week on HBO Max it’s definitely clear to see where they’re coming from, but Gunn himself has none of that.

James Gunn’s work on the Guardians of the Galaxy series, along with the success of 2021s The Suicide Squad, has secured its place among the most distinctive voices in superhero movies of the past decade. With Vredemaker now about to debut, and a strong hint that many more DC projects are ahead of Gunn, it’s probably not surprising that he will be seen by some as the next architect of what DC could be in the future.


Respond to a comment on Twitter, Gunn answered the question asked if he would take on a more meaningful creative role in the DCEU, but the response did not suggest he would consider it any time soon. Gunn said:

“Thank you for that compliment… but I would never want Walt (at DC) or Kevin (at Marvel)’s job.”

With Zack Snyder’s plan abandoned, does the DCEU need a new vision?

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Since Man of steel kicked off the DCEU with Zack Snyder at the helm and planned a Marvel-like style of a linked, coherent storytelling, things went very fast south after the battle of the Justice League, and what has since emerged is a less coupled series of successful films all in their own right. With rumors that something of a recovery is coming to the DCEU soon, the question among fans is whether the franchise should find someone new to bring a fresh creative vision to the movies.

While new movies with the likes of Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The flash are all in the same vein as Synder’s first movies, standalone movies like The Batman, the suicide group and Black Adam may bring different directions to the DC universe and may eventually be part of something bigger in the future if they can be brought together in the right way by the right person. At the moment, that person is definitely not going to be James Gunn.

It’s not too hard to understand why Gunn does not want the added pressure of such a role, while he already seems to have everything he wants at his feet. In another recent Twitter update, the writer / director was asked what he would wish for when it came to the movies he could make, to which he replied that all he wished for was more hours in the day to be able to do everything. complete the projects he could and would work on.

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