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Beauty and The Beast Prequel series filming in the spring, according to Josh Gad

Disney’s live action Mother-in-law and the Beast remake was a massive hit in 2017, so it’s no surprise that the House of Mouse went all in on a spin-off series based on the movie, which will begin filming this spring, according to the actor Josh Gad. The actor known to many Disney fans as the voice of Olaf in the Frozen franchise has the role of LeFou in Mother-in-law and the Beast and will play the role in the prequel series called Again The Little Village, who will also star Luke Evans back in the role of Gaston.

The new series is expected to air on Disney + sometime in 2023 if all goes well, and while LeFou and Gaston will be the central characters in the prequel, it will not be entirely focused on the duo, with Briana Middleton at the fun joins as LeFou’s step-sister Tilly. Little is currently known about how the plot of the series will expand and what it will contribute to the Mother-in-law and the Beast story if anything, but with songwriter Alan Menken back to deliver a bunch of new tunes, we are sure to be a musical extravaganza that will surely please fans of Gad and Evans’ versions of the classic characters.


Gad spoke recently about his own new series Wolf Like Me, and was clearly very excited to share an update on the project. After being suspended for a long time thanks to the pandemic, it’s easy to see why the ever-cheering Gad would be eager to continue filming. He said:

“We’re still planning to shoot this spring and the screenplays are incredible, the music is incredible, brand new songs by Alan Menken, we’re rolling out now.”

The Little Town Casting will bring new life to the Beauty and The Beast area

Beauty and the Beast Photo 3

As Gad said, the cast is currently underway and with the actor expecting to start filming in the next few months, it’s likely we’ll know more about the rest of the cast soon. Of course, since this is a prequel series, there are some questions about exactly how the story around the town will develop that forms the main set for the original form. Mother-in-law and the Beast story. If the series takes place in the “small town”, which is a reference to the opening song of the movie, “Belle”, then it would be strange if the series does not contain the character of Belle in some way, as Gaston ‘s infatuation is taken into account. with the beauty, however, there was no mention of any other stars from the movie, such as Emma Watson or Kevin Cline, who played her father, who played their roles for the program.

All in all, Disney has been working for a few years on the type of content that will keep subscribers interested in the Disney + platform, and in the same way they have their Star Wars and Marvel IPs with TV series exclusively on the platform, we can probably expect to see more accessories from some of their biggest movie hits coming in the future, and longtime Disney fans will be more than happy to accept these new expansions as and when they come.

Beauty and the Beast Prequel series on Gaston & LeFou confirmed for Disney +
Beauty and the Beast Prequel series about Gaston and LeFou confirmed for Disney +

A Beauty and the Beast musical prequel series centered on Gaston and LeFou is a go with Luke Evans and Josh Gad due to return.

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