Best Colin Farrell Movies by Ranking

Dear and beloved Irish actor Colin Farrell has been a relentless force in Hollywood since his film debut in the 1999 drama The War Zone. In the almost 25 years and various life experiences which followed, the star created a glorious and remarkable career where no genre was left unexplored. Farrell is able to transform himself impeccably for every role he plays, whether it’s a struggling screenwriter, SWAT officer, hopeless single or a magic wizard. No matter how diverse his performances are, he also manages to bring his own uniqueness in some way charm and sex appeal for every role he plays. His collection of projects and depictions reflects his desire to do it all, and it certainly does not look like the star will slow down any time soon.

Farrell has a lot of exciting upcoming films in the works, especially the Matt Reeves helmet DC recharge The Batman, in which he will portray Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot, AKA the penguin. The actor’s talent for immersing himself completely in a role did not go unnoticed; fans of the superhero franchise were shocked by the photos on the set and considered Farrell unrecognizable. Hey can even appear in a spinoff series about the character. It just shows how committed Farrell is to the craft. It’s a deep dive at best Colin Farrell films.

10 Phone hockey

image-w1280- (15) -1
20th Century Fox

The Joel Schumacher neo-noir thriller Phone hockey follows a young publicist who is targeted by an evil hidden sniper after answering a call in a telephone booth. Farrell leads the film as Stuart “Stu” Shepard, the lying and narcissistic publicist who is preyed upon by Kiefer Sutherland, the nameless and cunning sniper. Farrell and Sutherland were a successful pairing, as Phone hockey earned nearly $ 100 million and helped establish the actor further as a leading man. Phone hockeyhis unusual pace and claustrophobic locations allowed him to stand out from others; it is set in real time and the duration of the events in the movie matches how long it takes to watch it. This approach is also done in Sutherland’s performance 24.


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Sony Pictures Released

A modern adaptation of the 1975 television series of the same name, the 2003 action thriller SWAT boasts an A-list of stars such as Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J and Michelle Rodriquez. The film centers on the LAPD’s Special Weapons and Tactics team, playing head-to-head against a captured drug lord who offers a $ 100 million reward to anyone who can break him out of jail. Farrell portrays Officer Jim Street, a former SWAT officer who is demoted to working police inventory when he refuses to involve his partner in a hostage situation that has gone awry. The film was a summer box office hit, grossed more than $ 200 million and garnered rave reviews from critics, reinforcing Farrell’s early credentials as an action movie star.

8 The Lord

The Lord

From the creative spirit of acclaimed English director Guy Ritchie comes the action comedy The Lord, a story about an American marijuana king in England who wants to sell his lucrative business, thus creating a domino effect around him. The ensemble movie features the talent of some of Hollywood’s greats such as Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant. Farrell is great as a coach, a coach for a group of amateur MMA fighters and aspiring YouTubers who have to clean up a mess his students are creating. The thrilling and entertaining comedy was a commercial success and received glowing reviews, with the performances of the cast and directing being praised. The brutal and noisy film certainly makes each of his talents shine brilliantly, especially Farrell in his tracksuit-wearing glory.

7 Fantastic animals and where to find them

Warner Bros.

Serves as both a spin-off and prequel to worship Harry Potter series, 2016’s Fantastic animals and where to find them depicts the magical adventures of the author Newt Scamander in a secret community of witches and wizards, 70 years before the events of Harry Potter. With a large ensemble cast that includes Eddie Redmayne, the spin-off took audiences by storm and expanded on Harry Potter‘s mysterious and rich mythology. Farrell plays Percival Graves, the director of magical security for MACUSA and a high-ranking Auror. Like its predecessors, Fantastic animals and where to find them was a box office phenomenon, raising $ 814 million and garnering positive acclaim for its magical performances, visual effects and production. Farrell does an amusing job of playing Graves with a prime and proper seriousness, but also gives expert allusions to the mystery and darkness lurking beneath the character.

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6 The lobster

The Lobster Trailer plays Colin Farrell in a futuristic love story

Probably one of the strangest and most surreal black comedies of recent years, 2015s The lobster plays out in a dystopian future and follows a group of singles in a lavish hotel who are given 45 days to find romantic partners, otherwise they are turned into animals. Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz portray a man and a woman trying to forge a relationship, and the film plays John C. Reilly, Olivia Colman and Ashley Jensen in supporting roles. The unusual and bizarre dystopian film was chosen to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and won the Jury Prize. While audiences had no idea what to make of The lobster, critics could not get enough of the movie, with Farrell and Weisz earning praise for their disturbing, muted performances. Farrell specifically does a great job of capturing the blunt awkwardness of his character. Variety called the movie “a funny, unexpectedly moving satire from a couple-fixed society.”

5 Minority Report

Minority Report

Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell teamed up to star in the 2002 science fiction action movie Minority Report, loosely based on the 1956 Philip K. Dick short story. The excellent adjustment takes place in the year 2054, where a special police unit arrests murderers before committing their crimes, with Cruise depicting an officer himself accused of future murder. The Steven Spielberg extravaganza combines elements of tech noir, thriller and mystery genres, and with its release became one of the best reviewed films of 2002. Farrell takes on the role of Danny Witwer, an agent of the Department of Justice who pursues Cruise’s character. in a show that would further elevate his Hollywood status. In 2008, the American Film Institute nominated Minority Report for his list of top 10 science fiction films.

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4 Widows

Widows Review: The Best Crime Drama of the Year

The 2018 robbery thriller Widows features an ensemble cast that includes Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriquez, Colin Farrell and Daniel Kaluuya, and depicts four women teaming up after being left in debt by their dead criminal husbands, deciding a future of their own to accomplish. Viola Davis leads the cast as widow Veronica Rawlings, with Farrell portraying politician Jack Mulligan, a man trapped in her cunning plan. Steve McQueen’s directing was announced, as well as the screenplay, performances and the film’s ability to mix “dramatic themes with popcorn excitement.” The ensemble thriller earned numerous honors and awards and was a box office success with $ 76 million worldwide.

3 Seven Psychopaths

Sam Rockwell and Colin Farrell Stand in the Desert in Seven Psychopaths
CBS Movies

The satirical dark comedy Seven Psychopaths centers around who accidentally gets involved in a criminal underworld in Los Angeles after his friends kidnap a gangster’s dog. The joke is full of Hollywood’s best talent, with big names like Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Tom Waits and Woody Harrelson joining Colin Farrell on screen. The Martin McDonagh movie is the second time the director has joined forces with Farrell, and McDonagh (along with Yorgos Lanthimos) is one of the directors who can bring out the actor’s most witty and yet most empathetic performances.. The crazy and wildly entertaining Seven Psychopaths features memorable performances, clever dialogue and bloody satire that immediately grabs the attention of audiences. Farrell and Rockwell’s dynamics on screen were also singled out, and their characters were excellent films for each other.

2 Killing a sacred deer

Killing of a Sacred Deer trailer draws Nicole Kidman into a whimsical nightmare

Based on the ancient Greek tragedy Iphigenia en Aulis by Euripdes, 2017’s psychological thriller Killing a sacred deer follows a heart surgeon who befriends a teenage boy whose father he could not save. Farrell plays the doctor, with Nicole Kidman portraying his wife sharply and Barry Keoghan as Martin Lang, the boy with threatening motives. The thriller was screened at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and received excellent reviews, with particular praise for the powerful performances of its lead roles. Killing a sacred deer is full of dark twists and turns, with the horror website Bloody Disgusting highlighting Farrell and Kidman’s depictions, they say “deliver their lines with a stiff cold that sends chills down the spine.” The film currently has an 80% Rotten Tomatoes rating and continues Yorgos Lanthimos’ strange work with Farrell.

1 In Bruges

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Focus features

The 2008 black comedy crime film In Bruges is probably Colin Farrell at his best; he plays alongside Brendan Gleeson as Irish assassins hiding, with Ralph Fiennes as their incensed boss. The duo perfectly depicts a disgraceful killer and his assassin friend hiding in Bruges, Belgium, while awaiting their troubles, with violence, chaos and hilarious hijackings eventually emanating from their stay. It was the opening night film at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences. Farrell and Gleeson shine as the disgraceful couple, with USA Today to explain it “Brendan Gleeson is brilliant at Ken […] with his partner in crime, Ray, played by Colin Farrell in probably his best performance. ” For his performance, Farrell won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Film Musical and Comedy. In Bruges is one of the film star’s most notable and most absorbing roles to date and is a standout on his impressive resume, showing his comic sensitivity, his leading charm and his ability to exploit a deep melancholy and blow through what most actors can barely achieve. .

New The Batman images show Colin Farrell’s comically accurate penguin

Colin Farrell’s transformation into the Penguin for The Batman has been talked about for months, and new images have revealed more about Oswald Cobblepot.

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