James Gunn is ready to make another season of peacemaker

The Suicide Squad spin-off series Peacemaker is yet to air on HBO Max, but James Gunn will happily return for another season.


We may not have seen a single episode of James Gunn’s Vredemaker, but the director has already revealed that he will be happy to return and make another season of the show if allowed. While renewals of any series will depend solely on how well the current one performs, in an interview with Screen rant, Gunn had fun when asked if he would like to make more seasons of the show. While joking that he has plans to make Vredemaker until he and star John Cena are very old, the director has also made it clear that everyone involved in the series will soon be welcoming a return.

“We’d outlined 87 seasons. Yes, we’re going to do that until John and I are 150 years old,” Gunn said. “But yes, no, we all want to continue. We really want to continue. It was the largest group of people. Of course I was already friends with John and Jenn [Holland], of course, and Steve Agee. But Danielle [Brooks] and Chuk [Iwuji] – [Chuk] is one of my best friends. Chuk is one of the primary characters now in Guardians 3, and he killed it on this movie. So, it was just, really, a wonderful group of people and I can not wait to work with them again. “


While the series is definitely not your family-friendly kind of superhero series, The Suicide Squad was a big hit this year and the spin-off will undoubtedly get attention on HBO Max. Based on early reviews, Gunn may get his wish to return to the series for more, as critics were more than friendly to the program giving it a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%.

Peacemaker is praised for his humor as it expands on the hero of the suicide group

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While Vredemaker, en The Suicide Squad before it is definitely not aimed at a young audience, the majority of avid comic book fans are adults and the series seems to be perfectly placed on that audience. Early reviews all mentioned the humor of the series and the way it expands on both John Cena’s Christopher Smith as a character and also the world of the DCEU in general. Considering how long Warner Bros. kept making movies in the DCEU that went beyond the 12A rating, their recent series of projects that are squarely aimed at adults proved that there is a huge market out there for the real characters.

While Vredemaker is James Gunn’s first dive into the world of television, it’s definitely not going to be his last. He is already busy with the Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special for Marvel Studios and Disney and has already confirmed that he will return to Warner Bros. for another secret project. Many fans of The Suicide Squad hoping for more character spin-off series, and with the studio wanting to expand their DC content on HBO Max, no one expects Vredemaker to be the only character heading in this direction. Gunn himself has expressed a desire to work with Margot Robbie on a Harley Quinn project, among others, and at the moment, what Gunn wants is Gunn.

Peacemaker trailer takes John Cena back to the beginning
Peacemaker trailer takes John Cena back to the beginning

In Peacemaker, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad spin-off series, we get a start on the bad old background. What created this ‘bro-y Captain America’? These are Cena’s words.

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