Kristen Stewart looks back on Twilight Saga: “Oh, I’m old!”

Kristen Stewart, the very star who played the heroine Bella Swann, looks back on this iconic role of hers in an interview.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the rest of the vampires in Twilight.
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It feels like just yesterday that vampires were taking over pop culture, thanks to the rise of Stephanie Meyer’s Dusk sage series. The popular books that produced a series of films made an impact on the young adult audience, for better or for worse. Kristen Stewart, the very star who played the heroine Bella Swann, looks back on this iconic role of hers in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Dude, it’s weird because it feels incredibly far away and also not that far from me and my time in this movie. I do not know, like, on the one hand you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m old, My God, I did it five minutes ago, now it’s like a 10-year anniversary. ‘ I’m like, wow, I have to go to my high school anniversary. “

While 2008s Dusk was not Stewart’s first leap into her acting career, it was definitely the role that got her started in the stars. Dusk followed by Stewart playing the role of Bella Swann, a young teenage girl who had just moved to a new town in Washington state. She soon meets a classmate, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), who is revealed to be a vampire. The film balances a budding teenage romance with Bella trying to survive being chased by another vampire while Edward protects her. The book’s success spawned sequels New moon, Eclipse, en Dawn. All the books have been adapted into films, with Dawn broken into two parts. The films were a hit, with fans choosing sides with whom Bella would end up. Some were “Team Edward,” hoping Bella would stay with the vampire family. Or “Team Jacob,” who wanted Bella to run away with her other friend, a native werewolf boy.


After Breaking Dawn Part 2’s release, the fandom was mostly silent. But when the movies were recently added to the Netflix library, there has been a revival of Twilight nostalgia ever since. Former fans look back with both loving and critical eyes on a series they loved so much, and new fans give the films a chance and find that they enjoy the teenage drama.

“It’s radical, I do not know, I have not really … it has not affected me yet. I can not wait for someone who is 12 or 15 to suddenly think, it’s like when you’re small. And you tell your parents how wonderful Jimi Hendrix is ​​or something – not to mention I compare my life to Jimi Hendrix from a distance – but you know what I mean where they are, ‘Man, you do do not even know, it’s like, so sick. ‘ I do, I was in it. ”

Kristen Stewart Was Beyond Bella

Twilight has been part of the revival in vampire movies
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After finishing vampires, Kristen Stewart was busy with other roles. Her most recent contribution was the rendition of the beloved Princess Diana in 2021s Spencer. Stewart had this to say about the real Diana.

“I think of her as a kind of artist. She was so good at touching those outside of herself. It’s a certain talent and commitment and that’s what we do and I think it was all just the coolest thing.”

Regardless of your feelings Dusk, it’s always nice to see actors look back on their work with a smile. It’s great to see Stewart’s career grow since her Bella days. But it is also humble to see that there is still a little Bella inside.

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