Peacemaker score 90 percent Rotten Tomatoes score for premiere

Vredemaker delivered his first set of reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and came out ahead of many other DC shows with a solid 90% rating over 29 reviews. Only in the grand scheme of DC titles spread across HBO Max and The CW Doemp patrol and Star girl, with 97% and 94% ratings respectively, came out before the James Gunn aimed The Suicide Squad spin-off series, which stars John Cena as Christopher Smith / Peacemaker. If nothing else, the reviews are unanimous in confirming that the madness seen in the trailers is nothing compared to what is seen in the series itself.

Compared to long-running series such as The flash and Legends of Tomorrow, Peacemaker succeeds in reaching the top as both The CW series achieve 89%, while Super girl and Superman and Lois just sits behind it at 88%. However, it should be remembered that this is the first season of Vredemaker, and the other DC series took a while to build some momentum, and of course the first episode has yet to air, when that score could change massively for better or worse.


While the score may have landed solidly with these first-round reviews, TV scores are mostly worked out by how well the program is received by its target audience. It is not always easy to compare one TV show with another when so many variables can affect the scores and cause waves of new reviews when groups of people discover a show for the first time. Whatever future viewers of the series think, there is certainly no denying that James Gunn has a certain something that just makes his projects work, and that is again very clear.

Peacemaker will have to keep his big promises to maintain a good rating.

John Cena's Peacemaker Will Get HBO Max Series After Suicide Squad

About various cartoons and TV spots, as well as clips, photos and teasing by the cast and director Gunn, Vredemaker promised violence, bad language, comedy and some great moments that it will now have to deliver to keep fans inside. If there’s one thing James Gunn is used to after being on the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad then it yields great moments, so we should have no worries on that front.

Gunn has already expressed a wish to return for more Peacemaker as Warner Bros. is happy to highlight more adventures for the silver helmet hero and based on the reception so far, it looks like it may be on the cards. “We’d outlined 87 seasons. Yes, we’re going to do that until John and I are 150 years old,” Gunn said recently. “But yes, no, we all want to continue. We really want to continue. It was the largest group of people. Of course I was already friends with John and Jenn [Holland], of course, and Steve Agee. So, it was just, really, a wonderful group of people and I can not wait to work with them again. “

Peacemaker debuts on HBO Max on January 13th.

John Cena says Give Peace a Chance in New Peacemaker Poster
John Cena says Give Peace a Chance in New Peacemaker Poster

A new poster for Peacemaker has arrived in front of a teaser trailer at DC FanDome next week.

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