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No Time To Die’s Explosive Final Breaks Guinness World Record

Daniel Craig’s James Bond has set a number of new records over the past decade, but the finale ensured that it went out with a bang.


Daniel Craig always wanted to make sure his version of James Bond came out with a bang, and it looks like he got it right in more ways than one. In addition to setting a number of records regarding the Bond franchise itself, No time to die also managed to set a Guinness World Record in the process by detonating the largest number of explosives ever used in one survey during the devastating final. For those who have not yet seen the movie and want to avoid pampering, now throw out your chair.

In the last moments of No time to die, it has spread to millions of Bond fans that the super spy has managed to put himself in a situation he is not going to make alive. While Craig’s Bond faced his own death straight away, the mass missile attack that ended both his life and the virus processing plant used by the main villain Lyutsifer Safin had a total of 136.4 kg of TNT equivalent, which was enough to beat the previous Guinness World Record which stood at a meager 65kg.


The breach of the record was not exactly accidental, as explained in a new behind-the-scenes video posted on the official James Bond YouTube channel, which feature’s No time to diesee Chris Corbould. The visual effects supervisor discusses the huge explosion that finally killed James Bond for the first time in almost sixty years since the start of the franchise, and after the people at Guinness discovered that there was a world record that the scene looked like or it could beat well. World records were set to confirm the performance, which was clearly a huge explosion compared to the entry that overtook it.

No Time To Die broke many James Bond records

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Daniel Craig’s final appearance as Bond saw the movie become one of the greatest James Bond movies ever. The film set new records for its opening weekend box office and managed, until a certain Spider-Man arrived in December, to become the biggest film of the Covid pandemic thanks to a huge turnout overseas. Daniel Craig also clinched the record as the longest-serving Bond actor, an achievement aided by delays in the film, both from the early departure of director Danny Boyle and the subsequent ever-changing release date due to the pandemic.

This is not the only time Corbould has been involved in creating records on the Bond franchise. In the penultimate film of Craig’s tenure, Ghost, a slightly different record was broken for the biggest movie stunt explosion. Even far back in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s repetition of the character was creating history and breaking the record for the number of most cannon roles in a car in the order when Bond’s Aston Martin crashed not to touch his then love interest, Vesper Lynd.

Although it has been well documented by the cast and team that there were a number of other suggestions on the table for how Bond would meet his producer, including being poisoned or shot by an anonymous bullet, there is no doubt that his record-breaking death is not one that will live long in film history and there really was no better way for Craig to leave the franchise.

5 best moments in no time to die, arranged
5 best moments in no time to die, arranged

Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007 comes in at almost three hours, leaving many to dissect. We ranked the top 5 moments in the latest James Bond movie. Destroyer warning!

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