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The Long Night trailer sees couple fight back against a twisted cult

Scream Queen Explorer Taylor-Compton comes back next month with another horror movie, Rich Ragsdale’s The Long Night. The trailer for the upcoming horror film revolves around a couple being targeted by a cult, and as the latest trailer for the film suggests, it will be a visual treat that fans have begun to associate with modern horror. The main character opposite Taylor-Compton is The flight attendant star Nolan Gerard Funk, who plays her boyfriend.

The trailer reveals some critical elements of the story, such as the apocalyptic cult, of course, along with the almost abstract treatment of the story that makes it quite intriguing. At the center of the story is Grace and Jack, a young couple, and the former’s search for her parents’ whereabouts that she has never known. In the process of this investigation, the couple set up camp at Grace’s orphanage, where a terrifying cult targets them, whose members are determined to fulfill a deadly prophecy.


However, the list of horrors does not end with the apocalypse-obsessed cult itself, as there are skull-clad doomers in general. While they realize that something is seriously wrong, absolute rain falls on them in the course of events. A quiet weekend takes a bizarre, frightening turn when a nightmare cult and their manic leader come to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy, which is not entirely revealed in the trailer. However, the film assumes the rather effective herd of turning familiar faces into horror elements, as Grace (Taylor-Compton) is apparently occupied by a supernatural force, possibly under the influence of the cult.

The trailer can also remind fans of the iconic Roman Polanski horror movie Rosemary is baby, because at one point it shows Grace in a dreamlike state, where the cult has cut and abducted her baby from her. The series prepares viewers for the level of blood and hopeless fear they can expect from the film. But not all hope is lost, as the trailer continues to show the couple fighting back against the said cult, with Grace facing off against a group of cult members in the face against a shotgun.

Taylor-Compton has now become a fairly well-known face in the genre of horror, mainly due to her recurring roles as the franchise heroine Laurie Strode in Rob Zombies Halloween reload.

The Long Night will be available digitally from 4 February.

Scout Taylor-Compton will return as Laurie Strode in Halloween 3D
Scout Taylor-Compton will return as Laurie Strode in Halloween 3D

The actress who starred in Rob Zombie’s Halloween reload confirms her return in what may be a true sequel.

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