Gentefied becomes the first Netflix series cancellation of 2022

Netflix’s Latino Comedy Drama Gentefied became the latest series to be canceled by the streamer after two seasons. Manufactured by America Ferrera, starring the JJ Soria and Carlos Santos show premiered its second season in November last year, but after not appearing in the platform’s top ten chart for the past three months, Netflix decided to put the plug on the highly acclaimed program to draw. Following the lives of three Mexican American cousins ​​who tackle gentrification, family separation, babies and boundaries, as well as stopping their grandfather’s taco shop from doing business, the 2020 debut of the program’s first season has a received high critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the failure to bring in high viewer numbers through its new episodes eventually led to its downfall as reported earlier today by Deadline.


While Netflix tried to add to their Latino and Spanish talent pool, it seems they will now be looking for another addition to the series after pulling the plug Gentefied. With the performance not making an impact among the large number of great and popular offerings of the past year such as Squid Game, Bridgerton and The Witcher, Netflix has once again come under criticism from some of its subscribers for the number of shows that have not made it past the past one or two seasons. However, in the defense of the streamer, their 60% renewal rate for screenplay programs with more than two seasons is more or less in line with people like HBO and CBS with scores of 68% and 70% respectively.

Gentefied won with the critics, but ultimately failed with the audiences.


When Gentefied which appeared on Netflix in February 2020, proved that the series had a winning start, and immediately received praise from critics with a 92% rating of 24 reviews. Overall, the consensus was that “If it’s a little blunt at times, Gentefiedhis gene-centric approach to the realities of gentrification is just as strikingly personal as it is hilarious. ” The series was praised for a voice that was “distinctive and assured” and received additional praise for succeeding in bringing the Spanish and English sides of his narrative into focus both separately and in conjunction with each other.

The second season manages to improve its critics score and gets a 100% rating, but out of only five reviews, of which the low number manages to tell its own story about why the program does not renew for a third season is not. The world of streaming is not as simple as network television, with subscribers being able to choose where and when to watch programs and movies. It therefore comes down to a difficult choice based on viewer numbers, usually over a period of thirty days, along with cost considerations and those critical scores on which programs get the score and which do not.

Gentefied was singled out last month as one of the shows unlikely to see 2022 on Netflix, and it so happened that it became the first casualty of the year on the platform. Other titles that have not made a big impact and face an uncertain future include zombie thriller Black summer, awarded Master of None and One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest spin-off series Ratched, who has been waiting a long time for his already green-lit second season to go into production, but with the cast currently tied up elsewhere, there’s every chance we’ll never get it.

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