Vincent D’Onofrio remembers how Hugh Jackman encouraged him to be a Marvel villain

Vincent D’Onofrio resumed his role as Kingpin in Hawkeye, and recently revealed it was Hugh Jackman who encouraged him to be a Marvel villain.

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Vincent D’Onofrioreturn as Daredevil villain Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk in the finale of the Disney + series Hawkeye proved that once certain actors take on a role, it’s hard to imagine someone else taking over that role as long as the original actor is still willing to play it. While fans were delighted to see D’Onofrio repeat his role after years of uncertainty following the cancellation of Netflix Daredevil series, the actor himself revealed in a new interview that he was originally encouraged in the role by a longtime Marvel icon: Hugh Jackman.

D’Onofrio recently joined the Marvel News Desk and shared an anecdote about how Jackman was responsible for encouraging him to take on a villainous role in the MCU, which eventually led to where he is now. According to the Kingpin actor, his first interest was piqued shortly thereafter Ysterman was released, and he felt there was something about the superhero genre that was worth striving for. In a seemingly casual conversation, Jackman gave some encouragement to pursue a role in the future. He remembered:


“The only thing that was on my radar at that time when it came to superhero things was Robert [Downey Jr.]’s performance in Iron Man, which I thought was extremely impressive. I think I was actually with Hugh Jackman – he was at my house because our kids went to the same school, and we were sitting at my patio. . . and I said, ‘This superhero thing seems to be really interesting,’ and he says, ‘Yeah!’ And I’m like, ‘You know, I think one day I’m going to get a chance to play one of those bad guys, and I think I can rip it off.’ He says, “Yes, I think you can too.”

Vincent D’Onofrio has proven that fans sometimes get what they want with Kingpin Return


Weeks before the Hawkeye series that started on Disney +, a seemingly innocent placement by D’Onofrio was enough to make fans ask if the star was about to bring his villain back to the screens as part of the MCU. Despite spending more than a month denying any involvement in the series or having any plans to repeat his role in the future, Kingpin did indeed appear in the series, and he was by D’Onofrio interpreted despite the actor’s previous demonstrations.

Wilson Fisk was introduced as an up-and-coming criminal who built his empire in the aftermath of The Avengers Battle of New York, starring Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock / Daredevil in the Netflix-based series of Daredevil. When Marvel Studios started pulling the plug on many non-MCU projects, it was doubtful that Fisk would reappear in a Marvel project. Now we are in a position where both Fisk and Matt Murdock were quietly but effectively brought into the MCU, and while Kingpin’s fate at the end of Hawkeye left uncertain, the popularity of D’Onofrio’s villain makes it almost certain that we’ll see him again in the future, most likely in the Hawkeye spin-off series, Echo.

When you stop to consider how much of an impact Hugh Jackman has made on the superhero genre in his time he has spent talking to Wolverine about numerous X mans movies, it’s interesting to know that just a few words from him ultimately helped create one of the most popular and critically acclaimed villain characterizations ever that fascinated the superhero genre.

Hugh Jackman makes it very clear that he will never return as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman makes it very clear that he will never return as Wolverine

There’s no shortage of rumors that Hugh Jackman will put his claws back on, but will he? The man himself has an answer.

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