All-Trans, All-Miscellaneous Harry Potter Fan Film fights uphill battle

US filmmakers are planning a version of the Harry Potter movies that meet the diversity that the originals pretend to promote. In what the Daily Mail UK reporting will be seen as an attack on both JK Rowling and her legions of loyal followers – Potterheads, it’s a children’s book – the filmmakers are looking for a more diverse range of magical characters in the new Harry Potter series, including the role of more transgender and non-binary actors and non-white actors in lead roles.

While the filmmakers and project creator, TikTok video producer Megan Mckelli, wrote their own non-Harry screenplay, played by Daniel Radliffe in the original Harry Potter saga with Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, as the central characters, it is based on the books written by Rowling, who litigatively preserve her copyright. As a fan movie, however, the new Harry Potter project could exist in a legitimate gray area that would allow former Potterheads to see themselves in the franchise again.


One of the roles that the producers would like to see reworked is for the lead role of the web series, James Potter, the father of the young magician Harry. According to the cast, that role is open to an actor who “Asian, black, African descent, ethnically ambiguous, multiracial, indigenous peoples, Latino, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Indian, Southeast Asian or Pacific- is an islander. ” The Daily Mail inaccurately notes that the role is only open to non-white actors, as the cast clearly lists “ethnically ambiguous”, which is a striking term that has been used for decades to discriminate against colored actors in Hollywood.

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Fans fight back against transphobia in the Harry Potter franchise

Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts BBC 20th Anniversary
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As for trans rep, although the web series producers did not say who they wanted to play Lily Evans, Harry’s mother, they said they wanted a “gender-non-conforming, non-binary, trans woman.” And casting sheets also include Sirius Black, with whom some transmense connected on the internet as a story of outcome. For the new web series, all genders can audition for the role, with TikTok video producer Mckelli saying: “We strive to reflect the diversity of the fans in his beloved characters, through people of color, strange storylines and characters of different faiths to introduce. “

But the American-based producers will surely face a legal battle with Rowling, who apparently did not give permission for them to use her characters. As a fan movie, however, the series producers may not need her permission. On top of that, it seems a bit hypocritical after Rowling starred as a Black actress in the role of Hermione for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a production that broke records by selling 175,000 tickets within 24 hours, and when the author himself even uses a pseudonym male persona to market herself as Robert Galbraith.

Rowling is not known for keeping quiet about her transphobic attitudes, however. The author even decided to return the Ripple of Hope Award, a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization honor, given to her in 2019, after Kerry Kennedy, president of the organization, wrote a statement criticizing Rowling’s views about gender and sex as “deeply disturbing transphobic tweets and statements.” So, the new All-Trans, All-Diverse Harry Potter is likely to face an uphill battle before it sees the light of day.

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