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Betty White delivers final message to fans at theater celebration

A documentary celebrating the life of Betty White will be shown in theaters and it includes the last appearance on the screen of the comedy icon.

Betty White off their rockers

Fans will be able to see something new from Betty White one last time. The late comedy legend, who passed away on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99, took part in a special documentary that will be shown in theaters on what would be White’s 100th birthday. She recorded an interview for the project just ten days before her death, and this will be the last appearance on screen for White.

After White’s death, the doctor’s producers Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein announced it. the show would move forward as planned. While initially titled Betty White: 100 years young – a birthday celebration, the event was renamed as simple Betty White: A Celebration. As Boettcher explains THR, the change also came with some heavy editing to the document to reflect that she had succeeded instead of serving as a birthday celebration.


“Betty shot a tribute to her fans on December 20, which will be in the film. It was her idea to do so. She said: “I want my fans to know that.” We were asked to share it. We were asked to post it on social media. The only place we thought was right was to put it in the film and share it with her friends, family and fans who are going to be there. ”

The producer also shared the story of how the experience of filming White’s last interview went incredibly well, as the late Golden Girls star spoke from the heart and her love for the fans really comes through in the footage.

“Betty loved being cheered up, as she called it. The dress, the hair, the look – she just loved it. It’s probably about a minute or two long cut of just her being directly in the camera watch as the gracefully fun, hot Betty She thanks all her fans over the years and that they were out on the 17th to see the movie.It just has that glitter that Betty is.The wonderful thing about it is that she does not like the read teleprompter mode or had a screenplay.she gead-libbed it, and it’s Betty to the end.She is spontaneous and has the ability to do it live.She was so good at it.You can do not look for the first time and help to get chicken when you hear her. It’s just very, very sweet. “

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Betty White’s celebrity friends share their favorite memories in Betty White: A Celebration

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Betty White was not too involved in the special, but she consulted and contributed in some pretty big ways. The document contains a variety of interviews of many celebrities who have known or worked with White over the years. It was pretty easy to decide who to interview, because as Boettcher explains, White personally provided a list of some of her many friends that she thought would be a good fit. She was right because they were all eager to get involved.

“One significant thing she did was that Betty gave us her list of who she thought would be perfect to interview for this film; the people close and dear to her with whom she worked and just had a special connection with. People like Ryan Reynolds, Valerie Bertinelli, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carol Burnett, Georgia Engel. The list goes on. All these people were very close to Betty. We thought that instead of just people to do what she once met at an awards banquet, we would find people who were close to her life. ”

Betty White: A Celebration will be shown in theaters on January 17, 2022. You can find out more information and buy tickets at the official website for Fathom Events.

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