Google to honor Betty White’s 100th birthday with Golden Girls Easter Egg

Betty White will no longer be here for her 100th birthday after her passing on New Year’s Eve, but the celebrations of the Golden Girls star it nevertheless continued. On January 17, the day the deceased comedy icon would become 100, there will be a special surprise in store for fans who place her name in Google’s search bar. Per Variety, Google’s search for White’s name will prompt you to fill the screen with rose pedals, a reference to White’s Golden Girls character Rose Nylund.

This animated Easter egg also contains the message, “Thank you for being a friend.” This is another direct reference to The Golden Girls as it was the theme song of the classic sitcom. The Easter egg search will appear on Google on January 17 at 12:00 GMT.


White had planned to celebrate her 100th birthday with her fans on January 17, but she passed away on December 31. It was later determined that the actress had a stroke six days before her death, which led to her death. Just a few days before that, White participated in an interview for a documentary that will also hit theaters on January 17th. This is the last footage taken from the actress.

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Betty White will say goodbye to her fans during theater celebration

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Entertainment Weekly

Fathom Events presents a theatrical celebration for Betty White. It was originally intended as a birthday celebration, but after White’s death, some changes had to be made to reflect her passing. It features a documentary that compiles a few clips from throughout White’s career with her famous friends who pay tribute by sharing White’s memories. White herself gave her last interview to the doctor and she addresses her fans in a touching way.

“Betty spoke in one of the interviews about how she felt she was your favorite aunt who was kindly invited to your living room once a week, or she now Warm in Cleveland or The Mary Tyler Moore Show, ”Said Boettcher The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s different from a movie star,” she always said, “where you go to a movie theater, and you see them on a big screen, and they’re invulnerable. In the living room you are an intimate family member … Because of that privilege she had, she always wanted to make herself accessible to her fans. ”

He added: “Betty shot a tribute to her fans on December 20, which will be in the movie. It was her idea to do so. She said, ‘I want my fans to know.’ We were asked to share it. We were asked to post it on social media. The only place we thought was right was to post it in the movie and share it with her friends, family and fans who are there. is going to be. “

This celebration will only be shown in theaters on January 17, Betty White’s birthday, for one day. For tickets and more information, you can visit the official website for Fathom Events.

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