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Shout out 6 trends as fans call for another sequel

It seems that horror fans can not get enough Ghostface. Shortly after the theatrical premiere of Shout, the fifth installment of the Shout movie series, the hashtag # Scream6 on Twitter has become trendy. As more and more fans dare to see the film, which brings back Neve Campbell and other franchise stars, the number of tweets continues to increase with fans asking Paramount to give Scream 6 a green light now so we can get the next movie as soon as possible.

This is definitely fantastic news for Paramount and the Shout team. Along with the largely positive reaction from fans, the film was also a huge success at the box office, and serves as the film to finally dethrone Spider-Man: No Way Home from his number 1 spot. The idea that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett had with the fifth Shout was not just to pay tribute to the previous movies, but to hopefully launch a new one Shout film series too.


“These new cast characters are so wonderful,” Gillett told Total Film. “The legacy cast, they are so wonderful. I think what we discovered, and what [screenwriters] Old [Busick] and James [Vanderbilt] have, they have found a real reason for the following story to exist. We know there is more gas in the tank. There is more stories to tell in Woodsboro, and for sure about these characters. “

“This is the fifth one … it is not Scream 5, though, “Courteney Cox also said, per The Drew Barrymore Show. “It is Shout. The directors are amazing, they absolutely make it … it’s a new franchise … It’s hip. It’s scary. This is just a new Shout. It’s not a reload, it’s not a remake, it’s just a brand new launch. I think it will be fantastic. ”

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Scream’s filmmakers wanted to honor Wes Craven

The most important

Wes Craven has handled all four previous directors Shout movies, so his thumbprint on each of them has always been a constant in the series. After the director’s passing, it seemed unlikely that another sequel would ever happen as a result. That Craven was not involved made the original star reluctant to repeat their roles, but it was ultimately the respect they had for the late horror legend that helped convince everyone to sign up.

“Matt and Tyler bring their freshness to it, but we honor West,” star Melissa Barrera told Variety. “I think it will make the fans happy, but also bring a new audience to the movies, which I’m excited about. I could not believe it; I was a fan all the time. Every time they screamed,” Cut ‘, I would say to the directors,’ Take a picture of us! ‘ “Now Courteney is a very good friend of mine. They are all so amazing and I loved it. I am so excited for January.”

Shout now playing in movie theaters and bringing Ghostface back to the big screen. Scream 6 at this point not getting green light, but given the success of the fifth film, it seems likely that we will see the masked killer back for more bloodshed.

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