Christian Bale named best Batman of all time by new fan poll

Fans will forever debate who is the greatest Batman of all times is really, but again, Christian Bale stands tall in a popular fan poll. GameSpot recently surveyed 292,254 people and asked them to name the best Batman of all time with the options that were Adam West, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale. Batman and Robin star George Clooney is not listed, although he is widely regarded as the least popular incarnation of Batman, which is probably why he was excluded.

Bale, the star of The Dark Knight trilogy, overwhelmingly won with 66% of the overall vote. The DCEU’s Batman, Ben Affleck, was pretty far behind as the first runner-up with 13%. He was followed by Michael Keaton, who previously starred in Tim Burton’s Batman films and will be back in the role for Batgirl and The flash, as he was in third place with 12% of the vote. Original live action Batman Adam West came fourth with 9%.


This list especially does not include Robert Pattinson, but it is natural because The Batman has not been released yet. We got a taste of his performance through the trailers, and he looks promising in the role through the eyes of many fans. Nevertheless, it would not be fair to compare his portrayal of Batman with these previous versions until after the film was released, which gives us a complete picture of the next Dark Knight.

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Christian Bale’s return to the role is always possible

The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.

The idea that Christian Bale is repeating his role as Bruce Wayne is not so far-fetched these days. The multiverse will be explored in the DCEU when The flash is released, bringing in cameos of characters from other movie universes. This opened the door for Michael Keaton’s Batman to come in with Ben Affleck’s version also appearing in the same movie. Keaton’s Batman will continue to appear in other projects, including the HBO Max movie Batgirl, although Affleck apparently says goodbye to his version The flash.

Anyway, we are already guaranteed to see several Batmen The flash, the door is wide open for other actors who have played the character to appear. Given how scolded Batman and Robin seems to be, the chances do not look very good for Clooney’s return to the role. However, as Bale is still the pinnacle of fan polls and nominates him as the best Batman of all time, a potential return to that role will get a lot of attention, as long as Bale will be on board to slip back into the Batsuit.

“This Flash movie they set up with Michael Keaton who is Batman, it will bring tears to my eyes. This is my Batman! I’m very emotionally attached to the 1989 Tim Burton Batman so they bring him back to the universe, they cater to older people like me, ā€¯filmmaker Kevin Smith says of The flash, noting that he is hopeful for a surprising appearance of Bale.

“If they have a No way home, though, they better bring in Christian Bale as well. If I’m them, I’m supporting a money truck to Christian Bale’s begging to get him for two minutes so we can have our own. No way home, “he added.

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