Willem Dafoe makes his host debut on Saturday Night Live this month

Willem Dafoe is a very busy man at the moment, but he managed to slip in a host debut on Saturday Night Live.

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Driving high on his big screen returns as Spider man villain Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Willem Dafoe will make his Saturday Night Live presents debut on the last program of the month. Following Will Forte’s SNL return on January 22 as host for the first time, Dafoe will lead the proceedings on the late-night NBC comedy series on January 29, and will join musical guest Katy Perry in her fourth program. SNL look. Fans of the multi-Oscar-nominated Dafoe will be more than happy to see the highly acclaimed actor make an appearance in the long-running series, and although he has never presented the show, one of his recent movies has been mocked on it.


Willem Dafoe has played a generation in some of the most award-winning movies, but there are certain roles that have captivated him with fans in ways that will never be matched. One such role is as Green Goblin in the Spider man franchise, although it was his part in 2019s The lighthouse, a dramatic period piece that transcends many genres, which has been pushed Saturday Night Live by Kate McKinnon to great effect.

Saturday Night Live is known for attracting great talents that are popular in the public eye, and thanks to the phenomenal performance of Spider-Man: No Way Home in movie theaters since its premiere in December, there are few actors currently more talked about than Dafoe and the other cast members of the epic Marvel movie. It’s very likely that references to the Marvel monster will be made throughout the episode, but the one thing that is certain is that Dafoe certainly has the ability to run with everything he has to work with during his service as host.

Willem Dafoe is busier than ever in the aftermath of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe has appeared in almost 130 films since his uncredited film debut. Hemelpoort in 1980. After spending more than forty years creating for himself a career that seemed to grow and become richer with age, the actor was a constant presence in the films, working across genres and with of the best directors in the world of movies. His first appearance as Green Goblin in 2002 ‘ Spider man immediately made him a household name among a new generation of younger cinema-goers who had not previously been in his output.

While many other 66-year-old actors may find themselves on the sidelines as they get older, Dafoe has never been as busy as he is now. Along with its Marvel appearance, Dafoe has starred in the past few years Aquaman, Kenneth Branagh’s Murder of the Orient Express, The French Dispatch and Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare alley, and he already has five new movies in post-production, including The Noordman, poor things and The legend of Ochi, all ready to arrive within the next year. It is fair to say that Dafoe is one of those actors who will always be in demand as long as he cares about continuing to act, and in his most recent roles he has continued to prove exactly why that is.

Will The Batman make Willem Dafoe the next Joker?  The lighthouse fans probably hope so
Will The Batman make Willem Dafoe the next Joker? The lighthouse fans probably hope so

Lighthouse fans want Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe to reunite as Batman and the Joker in The Batman.

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