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Bill Murray Gives Impromptu Park Performance by I Feel Pretty

Prior to the release of New Worlds, Bill Murray and his musical collaborators played a few songs in Washington Square Park to the delight of fans.

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While Bill Murray proved that it is sometimes difficult to get involved in certain film projects, with many of the delays to the Ghostbreakers franchise due to Murray’s indecision to continue to be part of the film series, he has never been one to turn down the opportunity to appear in front of his fans and do his own thing. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the 71-year-old actor decided to put on an impromptu show in Washington Square Park with cellist Jan Vogler, pianist Vanessa Perez, and violinist Mira Wang, where he performed poetry and songs het, oa I Feel Beautiful of West Side Story.


Murray is undoubtedly one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood, and whether he is acting, singing, doing comedy or just walking down the street and waving for passing cars, his fans are always happy to see anything and everything. Ground Pig Day star do. His unexpected music concert was witnessed by a number of people, including Karen Duffy, the producer of Andrew Muscato’s New Worlds documentary about Murray’s evening of music and stories at the Athens Acropolis, of which the impending release was the reason for Murray’s appearance. You can watch the videos of the small concert below.

After playing through a handful of songs, Murray announced to those around him, “Police day we need to turn off the microphones. Let’s rip this place apart!” and the group quickly left the park.The premiere of New Worlds takes place at Village East on none other than Groundhog Day itself, February 2, which can no longer be planned appropriately.

Bill Murray follows up his Ghostbusters: Hereafter look with many new projects

Stunning actor Bill Murray holding a microphone.

Bill Murray’s recent return to the Ghostbreakers franchise, starring co-stars Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, was an extremely successful return for the much-loved movie series after a thirty-year absence, and it’s just one of several film projects Murray was recently involved with. was also recently seen in West Anderson’s The French Mission, and is already starring in Anderson’s next movie, Asteroid City, which makes that movie his 10th collaboration with the director, because he just did not appear in his first film.

Murray is also currently filming the Peter Farrelly movie The biggest beer run ever, who also plays Russell Crowe and Zac Efron, and recently confirmed that he will play a villainous role in the upcoming Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, although the details of both projects are currently few and far between. For Murray’s fans, there can never be enough Bill Murray in the world, and when you have someone who will randomly show up at a park and start pulling out tunes in the middle of winter when any other 71-year-old just wants to sit in a warm house and watching TV and chilling, it’s hard to predict exactly where and when he might show up next.

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