Here are Jason Sudeikis’ best SNL characters, arranged

Saturday Night Live has been on television since the 1970s, and has now aired more than 900 episodes to make it one of the longest-running networking shows in the United States. Many cast received national stars while appearing on the program. Typically, they can then achieve success in film and TV, both in front of and behind the camera, beyond Lorne Michaels’ award-winning comedy and variety show. One such success story is Jason Sudeikis, who viewers may know best these days Apple TV +’s beloved character Ted Lasso.

Sudeikis began his career in improv comedy and performed with iconic troupes such as The Second City. By 2003, he was hired as a writer for SNL and played a cast from 2005 to 2013. In 2020, he co-created and started playing the lead role in Ted Lasso, which earned him a well-deserved Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. The character actually pulls back to NBC Sport, which may surprise some who may think Lasso’s origins SNLsee Studio 8H in 30 Rock.

Speaking of SNL– while the program’s lively aspect resulted in several controversies and censorship, it eventually produced countless iconic personas on screen. The versatile Sudeikis were lucky enough to step into their shoes. As we count down the days to season 3 of Ted Lasso, here’s a closer look at Sudeikis’ best SNL characters to date.

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5 Sports Reporter


Through his time at SNL, Sudeikis played so many variations of what was essentially the same character: a sports reporter. In several sketches with his partner Will Forte, Sudeikis plays the delightfully optimistic Pete Twinkle. While trying to navigate the air to co-comment with Greg Stink (Forte) – who is not the brightest light bulb – Twinkle makes hilarious remarks about exaggerated sports-based situations involving women’s curls and bowls. And with the advent of women’s athletics comes the regular female product advertisement. The sheer enthusiasm that Sudeikis places in the most dubiously worded ad copy about maxi blocks or vaginal cream never fails to deliver. The dramatic pause by Sudeikis and Forte after each ridiculous battle phrase is pure comedy gold.

Although the reporters often find themselves comically off-topic in these sketches, it is clear here that Sudeikis had a clear aptitude for sports-related comedy before adopting his hilarious character. Ted Lasso. One highlight comes from Twinkle and Stink’s segment about curling, when Twinkle asks Stink how many points he thinks a player has just received after her successful innings. Stink answers “five,” simply because he looked down at his hand and noticed that he had five fingers …

4 Male A-hole


The memorable “Two A-Holes” sketch consisted of Kristen Wiig and Sudeikis’ characters who find themselves in a variety of everyday situations, such as buying a Christmas tree, going to the gym or even committing a crime. sight. The “Two A-holes” are led by Sudeikis’ chewing gum, “baby” mumbling, pop-collar personality. This is one Sudeikis’ oldest and best recurring SNL characters, with his laughable display of total and utter lack of compassion during the various conversations. Even though “Two A-Holes” debuted on what was just their first season with the show, Sudeikis and Wiig played each other so well that they were both upgraded from featured to repertoire players in the following season.

One “Two A-holes” highlight comes at the end of their gym sketch with host John C. Reilly, who plays their coach. After punching the coach and making him question his mind, the coach storms away and lets Sudeikis and Wiig just stand there and chew gum. They did not practice the least, but Sudeikis concludes the sketch with: “Good workout, honey.”

3 The devil


When it comes to the “Weekend Update” section of SNL, it’s hard to beat Bill Hader’s Stefon. But a short second is Sudeikis’ “The Devil,” which would sometimes appear when a major public scandal was popular in the media at the time. Some examples: the Penn State Sandusky scandal and Osama Bin Laden, about which Sudeikis would both comment with jovial good humor.

Sudeikis’ Devil, ironically portrayed as a cool, down-to-earth guy full of funny remarks, was also playfully aroused and wildly entertaining to watch with each appearance. His cartoon-like costume is also priceless. The sweet, demonic persona recently re-emerged when Sudeikis teamed up with current “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost to fill us in on what the Devil was up to. “Instagram for Kids” was just one hysterical example.

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2 Mitt Romney


Remember when Sen. Mitt Romney dressed as Ted Lasso this past Halloween? Maybe it’s a nod to an earlier era, when the roles were somewhat reversed. Back when Romney ran against former President Barack Obama, Sudeikis took SNL storming through his impeccable imitation of the White House hopeful.

From the nasal mockery of the politician’s voice to the bit that Romney was strangely obsessed with drinking milk, Sudeikis captivated audiences. It’s a lesser-known imitation than his Biden (see below), but Sudeikis ‘Romney versus Jay Pharaohs’ Barack Obama during the 2012 election sketches was central to the program’s place in the culture during that fall. Unlike the 2008 election, the Obama-Romney showdown was fairly tame. However, Sudeikis still managed to work out Romney’s shortcomings in a non-offensive way – even when he got drunk on lactose.

1 Joe Biden


The impression the cake takes, however, is that of our current president. Some people may think the Romney look is more on point, but Sudeikis’ Joe Biden gives him a bit of an edge. Sudeikis always played Biden like a bit of a thug, and it bore fruit. He started portraying Biden about 15 years ago, which would be the first of more than two dozen sketches where Sudeikis would play the senator who became Veep. James Austin Johnson does a good job as the current imitator, but SNL Sudeikis’ efforts certainly did not kick to the extreme. After all, there’s a killer reunion of the two versions of Biden when the Ted Lasso star recently returned as host. Sudeikis’ Biden can be described as stupid, light-hearted, yet full of strange outbursts.

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