Marvel removes two Disney + programs from their upcoming list

Marvel’s Japanese website did show some unexpected Disney + shows last week, but it appears that it has now been left out of the 2022 schedule.

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A few days ago Marvel’s Japanese Website a stir caused by two additions to the well-known Marvel / Disney + releases released in 2022 in the form of What if…? Season 2 and Secret Invasion. However, the site has now replaced the images from the years’ series and removed these two programs from the list, as well as rearranging the remaining programs and movies into a movie group and a TV group. The previous layout of the page seemed to show the exact order in which Marvel’s list will be released in the coming year, with movies and Disney + screenings alternating in one continuous list.


This is by no means a confirmation that any of the series will not show up this year, but it could be either a cautious step by Marvel in case any problems with the production of any of the programs arise, or an attempt to release them. to keep secret, even if it’s a little late for it now. Whatever the reason for the change, both of these series will be coming to Disney + sometime in the relatively near future.


What if…? released its first season in 2021 as the MCU’s first animated series and one that from the beginning looked like a collection of single episode stories set in other universes and realities, with alternate versions of famous characters and moments from the Marvel Universe. As it turned out, the series was not as unique as initially believed and has a longer story to tell, complete with a grand Marvel finale. That final created the Guardians of The Multiverse, a group that is expected to move forward to the second season.

Secret Invasion is going to be a big Marvel spectacle, starring Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, while he’s finally returning to the forefront of the Marvel story after a number of years in the shadows. With the series that apparently has links to Captain Marvel and therefore the forthcoming sequel The Marvels. With Emilia Clarke making her MCU debut, Ben Mendelsohn’s return as Skrull Talos and Cobie Smulders repeating her role as Maria Hill, there is much to unpack in the series and many potential impacts on the MCU’s future to go away. take.

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Marvel is known for keeping their cards close to their chests when it comes to their upcoming projects. The Fantastic Four was teased early last year in a new trailer for the MCU’s Phase Four, but has been on radio silence ever since. The trailer for Moon Knight arrived last week, confirming that the series is the next Marvel release to arrive Disney + at the end of March, just over a month before Doctor Strange in the Versatile of Madness begins May appear in theaters.

From the previous layout of the Marvel Japan site it is thought that Sy-Hulk, I Am Great and the now removed What if…? Season 2, is due to falling between the Doctor Strange continued and Thor: Love and Thunder in July, with Me Marvel and Secret Invasion listed for premiere before November’s return to Wakanda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Not in any form on the list, but is expected to come to Disney + in December Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special to round off the year. Whether this is how the Marvel Page comes out after the change to the site is something we can just wait and find out as Marvel adds new release dates to the rest of their upcoming shows.

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