7 actors we think Jason Todd should play in HBO Max’s Red Hood movie

Superheroes dominate the entertainment landscape of the modern era. While generating billions of dollars in revenue from theaters, Hollywood is shifting much of its attention to streaming services. Streaming services like HBO Max, Disney + and Prime Video have developed content based on comic book features, including Vredemaker, WandaVision, Invincible, en The boys. What’s more, each series has performed incredibly well, leading to the development of even more superhero-based television series. Matt Reeves’s Coming The Batman reload will additionally establish a new shared universe, which is already in demand two in-development spinoff series on HBO Max.

In addition, there are reports that a DC movie based on another Batman universe character, Jason Todd currently in early development for HBO Max. It comes after Red Hood’s live performance in the Titans television series, which is also on HBO Max. Rumor has it that the new Batgirl movie will lead to a Nagvlerk movie that joins Little Red Riding Hood. At the moment, Red Hood has yet to be rolled out, but here are seven actors who we believe have great potential to play the iconic DC character.

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7 Taron Egerton

Robin Hood trailer # 2 has Taron Egerton planning a medieval robbery

Taron Egerton is one of the most popular fan castings for Red Hood. Many comic book fans want Egerton to play Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, if that never comes out, Egerton could play Jason Todd for DC. He is a phenomenal actor who has appeared in films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service, Rocket man, en Robin Hood. The actor is still relatively young and has previously worked with Warner Bros.. His character in the Koningsman franchise, Eggsy, started out as a troubled street kid. The character’s idiosyncrasies and rebellious qualities would be transferred to the role of Little Red Riding Hood. Neither Eggsy nor Little Red Riding Hood are characters who sit back and trust in authority figures to carry out justice.

6 Curran Walters

Warner Bros.

Curran Walters already plays Jason Todd in DCs Titans. In the series’ third season, Jason leaves the Titans to become Red Hood. It is currently unknown which universe HBO Max’s Little Red Riding Hood film will be part of. Titans is not part of the DCEU, the CW (commonly referred to as the “Arrowverse”), or the universe of The Batman. But the coming Flash film will launch characters from DC’s Multiverse. It allows characters to cross universes, which means DC characters from one franchise can join another.

Walters’ performance as Jason Todd is a major highlight of Titans. He is clearly passionate about the role and portrays all of Jason’s emotional complexity. The power and determination, as well as the character’s fear and insecurity are all fully displayed.

5 Tanner Buchanan

Cobra Kai Star would love to play Robin with Robert Pattinson's Batman

According to a report by The Hashtag Show, young actor Tanner Buchanan captures Warner Bros. interest in the role of Jason Todd. Come from Kobra Kai, Buchanan is already experienced in playing a fighter who often finds himself in trouble. Buchanan’s character is the estranged son of a parent Johnny Lawrence of The Karate Kid. Similarly, the character of Little Red Riding Hood also experiences broken relationships with other members of the Bat family, including Batman. Although Buchanan expressed interest in playing a superhero, the role of Little Red Riding Hood can also fit well. If the cast rumors are true and Buchanan is hired as Little Red Riding Hood, it’s hard to think he’s not doing a good job.

4 Nicholas Hamilton

Tube distribution

Best known for the role of Henry Bowers, the bully in IT and IT Chapter Two, Nicholas Hamilton is an emerging actor to look forward to. IT already proves that Hamilton can play an intense character and intimidating antagonist very well. Hamilton also showed a much softer side, a young man who portrayed crazy love Endless. Hamilton’s performances on film and television show much promise.

3 Kofi Siriboe


An incredibly talented and charismatic actor, Kofi Siriboe is on MSN’s “Top 20 young male actors under 30“Siriboe plays a young man who faces many challenges after being released from prison in Ava DuVernay’s drama series Queen Sugar. Siriboe also makes an appearance in HBO’s comedy-drama series Uncertain, and even the music video for Doja Cat’s “Streets.” While Siriboe is not currently part of any feature film franchise, an actor who is less recognizable may be at a loss when he plays a major new character in the DC universe. The effortless charm that Siriboe brings is perfectly suited for Little Red Riding Hood. Especially when a more edgy, morally conflicting character needs to be attractive.

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2 Dacre Montgomery


Strange things‘Billy Hargrove commands the screen during his two seasons on the show. Billy is a charming but aggressive teenager who hides a lot of personal conflict inside. He does his best to avoid dealing with it, which manifests in anger-filled behavior toward his step-sister Max and her friends. But there is also light in Billy; there is a heroic side. The show killed Billy in the third season, which allowed actor Dacre Montgomery to tackle another franchise soon.

In addition, Montgomery will play the Red Ranger in 2017 Power Rangers movie. He already plays a character associated with the color red in the world of superheroes. Both Red Hood and the Red Ranger are characters who make big mistakes and have a bit of a temper. But both are leaders and strong characters with very big ambitions.

1 Keean Johnson

Alita Star thinks we need more than one warrior angel successor
20th Century Fox

Appears in Alita: Battle Angel, Euphoria, en Spooksville, Keean Johnson is a talented young actor in Hollywood. Johnson plays a starring in Alita, which portrays a character who is very flawed and experiences conflict around his morals. However, he still cares a lot for other people, including Alita. This battle, the balance between light and dark, is central to the character of Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. Johnson proved he has the acting chops. He is also entering his mid-twenties, which is the perfect age for Jason. There is a lot of charm and talent in this young actor that can be harnessed.

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