Drew Barrymore brought her children to work just so they could meet John Cena

Drew Barrymore could not pass up the opportunity to let her children meet the WWE legend John Cena. Recently, Cena as a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show to help promote his new series Vredemaker on HBO Max. But it may have been Barrymore’s children who were more excited about the look than their mother.

Talk about the situation The Conversation, Barrymore explained how she brought her daughters (9-year-old Olive and 7-year-old Frankie) to the set of the talk show when Cena was at. The actress, who has become a talk show host, says she usually never brings her children to work, but she had to make an exception for Cena. Together with Cena and his wife, Shay Shariatzadeh, everyone was able to spend some quality time together and even quite a bond.


“I actually made an exception, and I pulled them out of something they did to come meet John Cena. And I met his extraordinary wife,” Barrymore said. “And we all talked about how rare it was to make it a family affair, and we’re usually very professional, you know. My kids come to work and I include them on my journey,” he said.

She added: “I do not put them on camera, I am very protective of them. And I think he became protective of his private life, and we were just as happy to tie everyone together and hang out together. It was really, really great. ”

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John Cena can also be seen in Peacemaker on HBO Max

John Cena

John Cena strongly promoted Vredemaker, and stops by as many different shows as possible while wearing his HBO Max Series outfit. The series has been pretty well received by Cena’s fans and there’s a good chance that HBO Max will order more episodes based on the success. Nor does it mean that Cena is done with his wrestling career, as he promises he still has some unfinished business in the WWE ring to complete.

“WrestleMania is usually at the end of March, in early April. I do not know if I will make it this year, “Cena said earlier this month. Ellen. “And it’s a good mystery to have, because there are a lot of good opportunities ahead that I would like to seize and if all those things are in line, I do not know if I will be able to make WrestleMania.”

While he’s likely to miss this year’s WrestleMania, Cena added: “But I’ll tell you and everyone watching, I’m not done with WWE yet. This is my house, I love it. I could go back during the summer for a few months and audiences entertained when they welcomed audiences back into arenas, so I was far from having my last performance. “

Vredemaker now streaming on HBO Max, in which Cena plays a character who is very different from his WWE persona in just about every way. You can also catch more of Drew Barrymore on weekdays The Drew Barrymore Show.

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