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Eternals’ Lia McHugh talks about deleted scenes, learning from Chloé Zhao and Kumail Nanjiani

Marvel Studios se Eternal follows a group of ten ancient heroes from beyond the stars who have protected the earth since the advent of mankind, leading mankind’s evolution from their alien duomo since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But when monstrous top-notch predators called the Deviants, mysteriously long-awaited hunters for extinction — and relegated to the London Natural History Museum’s display cases — mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite to solve the unexpected mystery of defending humanity again. .

Oscar winner Chloé Zhao directed Eternal, which has seen a revival in interest and popularity. The movie had a record debut on the Disney + platform, and it was the biggest MCU premiere yet, bring in more than two million US households to tune in to the movie within the first five days.


Next for the Eternals, physical media. In honor of the release of Eternal on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on February 15, I had the opportunity to meet with Lia McHugh, starring as Sprite, a 7,000-year-old cosmic being who can create illusions and craft stories but is trapped in the body of a child.

This interview has been edited and summarized for clarity.

About Nostalgia, Deviant Dinos and Marvel

Marvel Studios

Rebecca Kaplan: There is a deleted scene “Nostalgia” during which Sprite and Makkari think of humanity as they look out over the ruins of Babylon. Did you learn American Sign Language for that scene or movie?

Lia McHugh: I was very interested in learning ASL to talk to Lauren Ridloff, and they only added that scene later in the shooting process. But I took a sign language class, and I talked to Lauren quite a bit. The sign language I learned in that scene, I know it to this day. Once you have learned ASL, it is almost in your body, and you just remember it. So I still remember exactly what I did during that scene, but it was fun, especially to have a great moment with Lauren.

RK:What was it like learning ASL?

LM: I took it as a very fun learning experience. Once I’ve learned the basics, like the alphabet and a few things, it’s not very difficult to spell things out. Lauren, who used to be a sign language teacher, is good at teaching it, and that’s what her husband does. He teaches it for movies. He worked on A quiet place, which is quite nice. So, I talked to them a lot, and her husband helped me a lot with the dialogue I had. Eternal. I had a lot of fun with it. My sister even learned enough to look after Lauren’s children, who are also deaf, which I thought was very nice – like talking to small children in sign language is great. I loved it very much. Like, it was really beautiful to communicate a lot with her. I was very excited that I had to do it Eternal also. I wanted to show it.

RK: In the “Small Talk” deleted scene from Eternals, set in the London Natural History Museum, Sprite challenges Dane Whitman (Kit Harington)’s beliefs about human history, even what dinosaurs looked like. I really enjoyed this scene, what was it like filming it?

LM: It was actually a very long day. There were quite a few pages that did not make it into the deleted scene, and it was almost choreography work because I walked around a lot of statues and pointed to different things. Its continuity, so you have to do everything the same way for each task. It was quite a lot of work for Kit and me. But it was also very nice because Kit and I got to know each other well, and he’s a very, very cool guy. He’s been in this business for so long, so he had a lot of interesting things to say.

Watch the “Small Talk” deleted scene below:

RK: What’s your personal history with Marvel?

LM: I’m a big Marvel fan. I was forever. At Comic-Con I was asked, “How is it?” I was like watching these movies with my brothers from a young age, and being a part of it is insane. But that’s what I said at the time, but it’s crazy to suddenly be part of a universe I’ll be watching forever. As even as an actor, I never thought I would be a part of this, and a role like this never happens, like a children’s superhero in the Marvel universe; it is in a prominent role! It’s just hard to turn your mind around.

Can not remember from pre-COVID-19 to 2019? Do not blame yourself. Here is a link to the Eternal portion of the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Youtube.

Illusies, McHugh

Marvel Studios

RK: What’s next for Sprite?

LM: I honestly do not know. I would hope to explore her humanity in the next movie, but they do not really tell me anything. I have no idea if she would come back or what she would do.

RK: Sprite is one of the main characters in a large ensemble cast. How was it?

LM: It was scary to be a main character. It’s a lot of work, and I would not say pressure, but I put pressure on myself to do my best. I actually work well under pressure. Surprisingly, maybe it is not very nice for me because it stresses me out, but I work excellently under pressure. But, it was also a lot of fun to be on set every day, to get to know the crew, and to really get to know Chloé as well. It was the best experience of my life. It was amazing.

RK: What is your history of storytelling? Your character was a great storyteller, and you are a storyteller as an actor.

LM: Yes, that’s very true. I love telling stories, and I find it interesting about Sprite. You can think of many with it, right? She took history with her as she went through it to present times. I mean, if you think about it, every history book was written by Sprite. It’s his continuation of humanity. I think it also really contributes to why she so wants to be human; she understands them so much through their history because she lived through it, and she told these stories.

But yes, also in my personal life, I’m an actor, I tell stories. That’s what I like to do. I like to make the audience feel something.

RK: What little moments do you want to highlight from Eternals?

LM: Some people did not get the love I got for Ikaris (Richard Madden). If you really pay attention through the movie, and you look at me, and if you look at my reaction to a lot of things, and some of the things I say, and how I act, I feel like you can catch on very early on. the movie. If you pay attention to their wedding, there’s a moment where I look upset, and during the Peter Pan scene with Kingo and me, I feel like it’s a very beautiful, vulnerable moment between us.

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About Meeting Other Space Gods

Marvel Studios

RK: How was it for you to be part of such a diverse ensemble cast in Eternals, especially as a young actor?

LM: The amount of world spending talent I got was incredible. People from all over the world, who got to know them and all their talent and their individualized experience, it was like a master class, honestly. Working on that film, having my little relationships with each of them, and hearing all of their experience was a very cute learning experience for me.

RK: What was it like working with Chloé?

LM: She is so brilliant. I think it shows through everything she has done, including Eternal. If you look at it, not just for the Marvel action aspect of it, and you really pay attention to the small moments, her brilliance shines through, and there are so many beautiful moments.

The work we did together was a lot of preparation with the cast getting to know each other. Then sometimes she just stopped by my trailer and played scenes with me. And a lot of the stuff also just happened on the day on set with her case once you’re in the scene and working on it, and you’re on the set, and you’re in costume, and you’re really getting into the scene. , you can dive really deep into the character and into the small moments. It was just very special to have that teaching from her; I learned so much.

RK: Do you have a favorite story of set or learning experience?

LM: I definitely learned a lot from Kumail Nanjiani. He is such a hard worker. And honestly, that’s funny. When I first met him, it was at Comic-Con, and we were not serious, but we would go there to go on stage. So, we had to be ready … and almost more professional. So when I first met him, he’s a comedian, right? And I thought he was a little serious when I first met him. So I was like, I’m not sure how I feel about this guy, but we eventually became best friends on set. We had our hair and make-up chairs next to each other, and we only chatted in the mornings, and all day on set we just kept joking and having fun together.

We also had a lot of scenes together. I feel it permeated into our characters because it was similar to our relationship in real life. We teased each other and we still texted, and I kept calling him. But I learned so much from his work ethic. In the mornings he worked on his screenplay, and Chloé encouraged him to improve and come up with funny things to say. All day long, just all day long, he came up with new things and tried new things. And I think it’s such hard work. Not only does he know his words, but he also constantly thinks about what he can still say. And it takes a lot of hard work, and I learned a lot from it.

Second star to the right

Marvel Studios

RK: Did you have a favorite costume?

LM: The one in the Aztec temple was really comfortable. It’s funny to say, but the super packs were super uncomfortable. None of us were very excited to shoot scenes with the super packs. We were ready for the other. But yes, Aztec temple, it was like wearing pajamas. It was amazing. I loved it.

RK: What are the super packs made of?

LM: They are like spandex, but they are also harder, like silicone pieces. I had one on my shoulder, on my chest, and then there are flaps on the knee, and they are very fit. So the range of motion is difficult because you can cut off your circulation pretty quickly, like sitting down, kind of cut off my circulation to my arms sometimes. I kept trying to get up when I was wearing my suit. I also grew up during filming. I got taller, and it got tighter on my arms. And then my circulation would be cut off very quickly. They were a lot of work.

Marvel Studios se Eternal debuts on all major digital platforms January 12, and it will debut on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on February 15. Marvel fans can never enjoy unprecedented bonus material, including four deleted scenes and a gag reel.

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