Everything we know about Netflix’s upcoming series Vikings: Valhalla

The year 2013 was the premiere of Vikings, one of the most original and daring programs that lands on television. It started small, but soon picked up speed and reached a range that many fans believed was competing Game of Thrones. It’s quite an impressive achievement when you consider it Game of Thrones had rich, original leather and dragons. Not only was the series ambitious, but it also pushed boundaries. Not many programs can kill their main character in the middle of his run-up and just get bigger. Game of Thrones ended in 2020 after an impressive eight-year run. Luckily for fans, the bloody saga of the Vikings is not over yet.


Despite the popularity and success of its six seasons, fans were initially skeptical when it was announced that Vikings would return for A Netflix sequel. It’s not easy to follow a hit series with a new legacy built on the shoulders of another building. But fans were given hope when they first trailer in all its bloody glory. A new day is coming for the violent crusaders in the form of a new generation. Here is everything we know so far Vikings: Valhalla.

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What is Vikings: Valhalla about?

This spin-off sequel is laid on it in a hundred years the last battles of the Ragnar boys in the epic ending of the original Vikings series. The series tells the story of the most famous Viking warriors from more than a thousand years ago in the 11th century near the end of the Viking era. We follow the legendary traveler Leif Eriksson, his ferocious and bully half-sister Freydis Eriksdotter, and the brave Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson. It is a time of high tension and severe bloodshed when the series begins. The Vikings find themselves at a hostile breaking point with the English royals, while they also clash with fellow Vikings over conflicting Christian and pagan beliefs. Leif, his sister and the prince will find themselves on an epic journey across bloody battlefields and treacherous seas in a battle for survival and glory in an ever-changing and evolving world. Like its predecessor, fans can expect a mix of historical authenticity and dramatic storytelling with the same violent and grim action they fell in love with.

If newcomers unfamiliar with the first series are concerned about continuity issues, do not be afraid. Not knowing the stories of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons will not hinder the viewing experience. However, if you have seen the original series, it will help you to understand specific references. Places central to the previous outing, such as the Kattegat settlement, will be on display, and there will be talk of the great Viking’s past that once sat in the same hall and at the same table. By this time, Ragnar Lothbrok, his sons and Lagertha had reached a mythical status which they regarded as legends in this series. It lends a finished history and mythology Valhalla. While it is not necessary to have seen the original Vikings, if you did, it would only enrich Valhalla.

Vikings: Valhalla takes place in medieval Scandinavia and features raids and releases across Europe and beyond, much like the series’ predecessor. Also similar to the first series, it will be largely centered in Kattegat, the heart and spiritual home of the Vikings. However, this is not the same as fans will remember. It is the largest trading port in Europe and has grown in size. The Vikings will also control most of England and all of Normandy.

The cast and everyone else involved

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Leif will be played by Sam Corlett (Precious Adventures of Sabrina). He is a well-known explorer and the son of Erik the Red, with whom he often quarrels. In Viking Lore, Leif sailed to North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus, a journey we might see in the series. His sister Freydis will be played by Frida Gustavsson (The Witcher). Her character will be the leader of Scandinavia’s Old Norse religion, which opposes the spread of Christian influence in her homelands. Leo Suter’s Harald Sigurdsson is an attractive and charismatic prince who is honored in Viking traditions for his Danish and English throne claims. Laura Berlin will play Emma of Normandy, the Queen of England, Denmark and Norway, thanks to her marriage to King Knoet, who will play Bradley Freegard. Caroline Henderson will play a gender-bending vassal named Jarl Kaakon, who struggles to maintain balance between pagans, Christians and other religions practiced in the Kattegat.

The character of Olaf “the Holy” Haraldsson will be played by Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, who is Harald’s half brother. He is a physical force and a stubborn Orthodox Christian destined to become Saint Olaf of Norway, a religious figure in the country’s history. actress Pollyanna Mcintosh (The walking dead) will receive the crown as Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark, the first wife of King Knoet. She is charming and resourceful and finds ways to involve her in her husband’s ever-growing influence on the throne. She may be one of a series of more manipulative characters. Asbjørn Krogh will play Jarl Kåre, an individual who poses a serious threat to the old pagan ways, which helps to stir up the conflict between the various religious factions.

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Everything else there is to know

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Vikings: Valhalla already has a major episode order ahead of its release, with at least three seasons expected from the series, adding a total of 24 episodes with eight per season. When asked if the new series would surpass the massive scope of its predecessor, Hirst apparently did not have much faith that it would be, since it was so large. At least they could equate it while telling a new and captivating story with the same heart. Jeb Stuart, best known for his work on films such as The fugitive and The Hard, signed up to write for the series, as he is clearly no stranger to writing pulse-pounding action that fans expect. There is also a chance to see characters from Vikings make appearances in the follow-up. John Kavanagh, who played the Ancient Seer in the original series, will reportedly appear in visionary scenes. There are also rumors that Karen Connell is returning as the angel of death. In addition, actors Bosco Hogan and Gavan O’Connor Duffy will appear in new roles, having previously played Abbot of Lindisframe and King Frodo. The series will air on Netflix on February 25 for a first season of eight episodes and will be produced by MGM Productions just like Vikings wash. Unfortunately the original Viking series is not on Netflix in the US, but will be in 2024. However, it is available in its entirety in Amazon Prime Video.

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